Plenty of us have used black accents in the bedroom (or in any room of the house, really). But for the most part, the last thing we ever consider is coloring the walls black.

But that’s the great part about interior design, isn’t it? If you’re feeling adventurous enough, any neutral palette and color is possible and can work cohesively with interior styles that you choose. Depending on how you arrange everything in the room of course.

Crisp white walls are well-loved. That goes for airy interiors too. We love it as much as the next person. But if you’re the type to set up a moody vibe in your bedroom, there’s nothing quite like obsidian black to make a statement.

So is black a good color for your bedroom?

Well, it can be…

And here’s how you can pull off black in your bedroom.

#1 Dramatic backdrop for art

Image Credit: Curated Interior

You already know that there’s no rule that says you have to darken the four corners of your bedroom with pure black. But painting one wall black can serve as the perfect backdrop for displaying oversized wall art or vibrantly colored artwork The latter can serve as the perfect focal point of your room.

Image Credit: Enjoy Canvas

And depending on where the art is placed, it draws the eye up over the low furniture. Colored wall art pops out thanks to a completely black behind it.

#2 Opt for soft black hues

Image Credit: Shadowlight Ghosts

Even black hues can be soft and make a bedroom feel more special and more intimate. Couple those soft dark hues with eclectic and light-colored furniture arrangements so you have a more lived-in and homey vibe.

#3 Using fluffy white bedding

Image Credit: Shutterfly

The trick to softening the harshness of black walls is by pairing it with something that’s a stark opposite. Make use of fluffy and high-quality white bedding. The quirk here is to blend the stark white and consuming black together.

To finish it right up, include metallic accents. Don’t hesitate to bring beige, cream, and caramel hues too.

#4 Go monochrome

Image Credit: House Beautiful

If you’re feeling up to it, don’t just stop at the walls. Bring your black wall colors to your ceilings too and reach the peak of coziness.

To make the space look bigger, don’t forget to include large mirrors, so light reflects off of it and brings the illusion of a wide space. Top it all off with an accent wall with patterns and textures.

#5 Accent with warm lights

Image Credit: Decoist

If your room is lucky enough to have a window, don’t forget to pull back your curtains and let in natural light. And if not, use lighting fixtures that are over the top and emit a warm light. They make a bedroom feel cozy and still make the chandelier as the focal center of the room.

Be Bold and Go Black

Contrary to popular belief, dark colors don’t have to make space feel smaller and more constricted. Paired with the right accents, a cohesive furniture arrangement, and the appropriate colors, black bedrooms can have the opposite effect. They can create the illusion of expansive space, and even make it cozy.

So don’t hesitate to decorate around black drapes, play with noir accents on the walls, or go all-out with black walls and ceilings.

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