Innovative startups are companies that solve real-world problems mostly using technology. They do this by solving problem the average consumer faces on a day-to-day basis.

There are many startup who try to solve the real world problem some sustain and some don’t , some have big impact on our life and some change the world .

Like Airbnb – solve expensive hotel rates and facebook-change how people communicate


The company who claim to grow diamond in just two weeks and its not synthetic but pure diamond, they say they can grow hundreds of diamonds that are up to nine carats in just two weeks in a lab. they made  this  possible by placing a small piece of a natural diamond in a plasma reactor for a few weeks.

 The resulting man-made diamond is the same atomically as a natural diamond but without the costs, hazards, and environmental hazards with occur in diamond mining.

The company has so far raised $100 billion from numerous billionaire.


It one of the most unique startup ever known.Just imagine you hover your phone camera on the apple lying on the dining and it shows the local groceries shop nearby . The blipper app made that reality with CEO and founder of Blipper Ambarish Mitra who wanted to change how people search on the internet .the app uses simple and powerful AR creation tool for it argumented reality. the app is use by many big enterprises for running its ad campaign.

Click Diagnostics

The company is making prominent and widespread infectious diseases test easy and affordable with its click device , Click device is an easy to use, portable, rapid, disposable, and instrument-free diagnostic tool, it can easily be used in remote villages, small towns and large cities. the company is rumoured to be backed by the bill and melinda gates foundation 

The company is know to have raised $16 million from an unknown ventures capital.


The company who is revolutionizing the electric world with its fast-charging (5 minutes or less) batteries for both mobile devices and electric cars as we know Electric Vehicles are the future its EV flash battery can fully charge in 5 minutes and providing up to 300 miles (480 km) of driving distance, depending on the model of your EV .

EV flash battery are Eco-friendly, and contains materials that are far less flammable and more stable at high temperatures than traditional Li-ion technology ,the startup has raised a significant round of funding as it inches closer to a commercial launch.


BillionBricks was founded by a dedicated team of architects, designers, engineers and urban planners committed to solving the global housing problem in a way never done before. Its a (non-profit organization) providing shelter to homeless people, they designs sustainable, scalable and financially-creative shelters for the homeless. Even you can contribute to the cause or can purchase for your personal use.

The shelter provided by billionbricks can withstand extreme weather & offers women and children privacy and a safe space.

It think there are many startup to come in the near future and many have there own startup ideas on their mind, please do recommend and share this story and write your response which startup fascinate you.

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