Does your child struggle with reading? Have you tried various ways on how to get them to improve? Even with yours and their teacher’s help, yet there is no observable progress? It truly is a headache when that happens. Especially now that most classes are canceled due to the circumstances today. However, you can find a solution to this problem online! Online reading tutors have been on demand ever since they set foot in the industry.

In this article, we will help you go through the small, although useful tips in finding the right online reading tutor for your child.

Tip 1: Find an expert tutor

● Having an online reading tutor specializing specifically with the needs or the area for improvement of your child is the first thing you need to secure. The reading tutors that are hired have spent a lot of time improving their skills to refining the reading capability of your child.

● Also, getting an online reading tutor that can teach a little bit of everything to your little one can be added to the benefit you may get.

● With this, the online reading tutor can help you put in little tricks to improve your kid’s reading ability. 

Tip 2: Personality is vital

● Anyone would agree with the saying that “personality is everything.” Of course, this also applies to employees with their job. Especially with teaching, the rapport between the teacher and the student must be present. This is an essential part because this can greatly affect the progress of the student. If there is no bond or rapport, then the student will most likely not pay attention or exert any effort regarding the class or tutor.

● Ineffective itching and tutoring will be a hassle for both parties involved. This will result in you, the parents, to not get your money’s worth and get the improvement you want for your child. 

● Find the perfect online reading tutor for your child by thoroughly examining their skills and the reviews they got from their previous tutor works.

Tip 3: Social media presence

● In today’s time, you can easily get public information from the internet. This includes the profile, interests, and job experiences of someone you are willing to hire. You can find these data on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, or even Instagram. Basically, any social media platform that is available on the internet.

● Getting public information isn’t the only benefit of social media; this can help you be wary of people or online reading tutors. Their profiles on social media can be one of the ways you can perceive them. 

● The social media platform listed above can be one way to read some of the reviews that their past clients have given them. This can help you decide whether to hire them as someone who can help your child improve their reading potential.

Tip 4: An informative website

● With the advanced technology these days, anyone with skills can make a website that contains their services. This can also be applicable to online reading tutors. If they are passionate about their job and are willing to help anyone in need, they should be transparent with their content.

● Many tutors will have their services and rates listed on their website, which can help learn more about them. Their website can either have a Frequently Asked Questions page, an About Me page, or even a blog. Those listed can be valuable in deciding whether to acquire their services.

● You can also get their qualities and their experience of being an online reading tutor. 

Tip 5: Free consultation or Assessment

● Using their website or another website that you were able to come across as an online reading tutor, they have offers of having free consultation or assessment first before actually hiring them. This is helpful, especially when you are just in the “looking” phase. 

● Having one of these can get you opportunities to know the online reading tutor well. This will be essential in forming an agreement or bond that will be beneficial to you both for the improvement of your child’s reading aptitude.

● You will be able to view their work with others who have acquired their services and see how steadfast this online reading tutor is to your child. Having a purposeful conversation with the online reading tutor will let you know if you have found the right tutor for your child. 

● By doing so, you can pay attention to the main purpose and goal of the online reading tutor that will affect not only your child, but also you. The important keys to remember when you want to hire an online reading tutor are: 

1. The online reading tutor is eager to learn about your child’s specific interests and needs.

2. They should have a way to track the progress of your child.

3. The rapport between the online reading tutor and your child must be manifested. 

Looking for the best is always not easy, but an online reading tutor that can progressively help your child with his reading problem is only the way. Finding an online reading tutor for your child? Check out Dicker Reading to learn more about their online reading services!

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