Before I answer this question, let me ask you one thing. For what good reason do you need to find a co-founder for your startup? There are numerous instances of entrepreneurs who built empires of  Fortune 500 companies all on their own.

That being said, in this era, it is obvious that a single person cannot master all aspects and fulfill all the needs of a startup. So, there is a need to connect with like-minded people, who can work with you and master the field and skills that you are lacking.

Why do you need a co-founder?

The  following reasons may cause you to be in an urge to find a co-founder:

  • As mentioned above, the main thing you have to find is the scope of your necessities. Ensure you are perfectly clear on what ranges of skills and abilities will be most required for the success of your startup.
  • You lack some skills and need a partner that possesses them.
  • You were asked by your mentor to do so.
  • You want to save money, so instead of hiring employees, you prefer choosing a co-founder.

Now coming on the main question, how are you going to find a co-founder for your startup? For that, I am going to be providing some tips and ways that have worked for other entrepreneurs.

How To Find a Co-founder For Your Startup?

1. Online Sites

Nowadays, people are frequently searching all over the internet to get solutions. There are some websites available that are like Tinder but for finding co-founders. Out of all, I found CoFoundersLab and StartupWeekend to be the most effective. They’re used in exploring and connecting with like-minded people, who can contribute to your startup as a co-founder.

2. Write “Job Requirement”

Take a look at your startup strengths and shortcomings. Depending on the necessities and skills required, write a “Job Description ” in a good manner and post it on your startup’s website, social media accounts, and even in groups in Facebook and LinkedIn containing like-minded audiences to grab attention, that you are looking for a co-founder for your startup.

3. Entrepreneurship Summits

We have discussed some tips for starting a startup and how attending entrepreneurship events and summits will help you in building a startup while being in college, and these tips are really awesome.

Many colleges organize startup events where college professors, entrepreneur, alums, and students leaders can participate. There is a high possibility that, someone is hanging tight to locate the idea matching with yours for their own interests in the entrepreneurial journey. So, you can easily find like-minded people there.

More interestingly, you can also find investors for your startup.

4. Colleagues from prior job

If you have met someone in your previous job space and got impressed from his/her capabilities and entrepreneurial spirit. It may be time to follow up and connect again for your startup. Make sure to check their interests and recommendations to see what they can offer regarding your startup.

If all of you dream of owning a company, it’s time to work together and achieve success.

 5. Relocate to more likely cities

If you are living in India, then finding a good co-founder in the middle of Northeast India may take a long search and hard work. We all know that the number of startups originates from Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Banglore, are more as compared to the rest of India.

Apart from a good co-founder in these areas, you will also be going to get the startup ecosystem which will boost your confidence, investors, and even customers also.

6. Refer AngelList

It is a platform for startups, where they raise money for funding, build teams and launch their product. This platform consists of investors, entrepreneurs and even people looking for great ideas for a startup where they can serve as a business partner or co-founder.

7. Ask Your Friends

Look around you and meet with your friends. Try not to waste your time by hanging with them. Just meet them, find common interests between you and them. If you find someone matching with your requiremens, then go ahead and talk about your startup idea.

Even if they don’t meet your requirements, your friends can help you in finding someone suitable for you.

8. Define each one’s role First

Make sure that, you clear the role of your business partner at first. Otherwise, it can be problematic for you and your startup in the future. There can be only one in power who can take final decisions. Like, any company has a single CEO.

Distribute your work and position so that each one role’s in the startup does not interfere in each other’s jurisdiction.


For the accomplishment of your startup, finding the correct co-founder is among the most essential things that any startup founder needs to do initially. There are such a significant number of challenges in a startup that no founder can go alone to get success. When you discover somebody that matches all of your requirements, I’m wagering you to be on the next level of your startup and the one after that.

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