Are you willing to switch over to video marketing for branding your business? How to develop the video marketing strategy for 2021? How will video marketing benefit my online business? Is it wise to opt for video marketing?

In this post, we will explore the answers to all these questions. Also, we will learn the effective ways to accomplish marketing objectives by planning a video marketing strategy based on the facts.

Internet marketing is always pushing businesses to come up with innovative ideas. If you are not moving forward that means you are lagging behind the success curve. Here are some statistics which will help you to opt for the new marketing ways like video marketing:

  • 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day.
  • By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer Internet traffic.
  • YouTube is the most trafficked site, after Google.
  • 81% of businesses use video in their marketing strategy, a 63% increase since last year.
  • Users spend 88% more time on websites that have videos.
  • 97% of marketers report that video helps users understand their products or services better – and also helps to increase sales.  Report By – Wyzowl

Based on these facts, we can say that video marketing has emerged as one of the significant ways to win the heart of audiences.

Let’s dive in to explore the topic in depth.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the use of videos on the website and for the promotional activities on the other websites to reach the target audiences and effectively engage them. It is often integrated within an overall digital marketing strategy and helps build stronger relationships between a business and its customers.

In the year 2021, uploading promotional videos have become an industry trend and businesses are spending time beating their competitors by adopting this new marketing technique.

Before, you jump on uploading the videos for the business promotion, here are some tips that will give you an insight regarding the same:

It seems impossible to implement video marketing without taking the consent of the big giants like Facebook and YouTube. In the year 2021 also, they are promoting the free video uploading facility for business promotion. They offer the biggest platform and you have the chance to reach the audiences at large. So, before following any other strategy, you can make use of these two platforms.

Before you plan and allocate a budget for marketing in 2021 on full swings, keep the following key points in mind.

  • Make the videos relating to people and portraying the actual picture of the organization rather than making a fascinating video with visual effects.
  • Develop innovative videos to grab attention with animation
  • Videos must precisely describe the competitive differentiators
  • Target to reach maximum audiences through videos, not to segmented audiences
  • Straightway get to the point instead of storytelling.
  • To create brands authority and value, videos should be short and active
  • Give attention to your valuable customers and staff members. No one can promote your better than your staff. Spotlight gratitude to them.
  • Don’t talk about the pros, also mention the cons of the products including the future scope.
  • Create balanced videos by bringing up the necessary topic of data privacy in an accessible and memorable way.

Finally, don’t create videos just to follow the trend rather make it a turning point for your business.

Get on the Right Track With Video Creation and Marketing in 2021

Video Marketing & Advertising Services  – Video marketing is one of the best ways to increase your audience’s engagement. It is well documented that viewers engage more intensely with video than even the most well-written text.

Relying on it for gaining 100% benefit out of it especially in the first go will not be good advice. While creating your next video, follow these steps:

  • Set the video goals depending on the target audiences.
  • Keep creative requirements intact and focus on the relative content
  • Stick to your timeline and maintain a realistic approach.
  • Keep a balanced budget on creating videos. It’s not a one time job, keep them updating after some time.
  • Video Marketing with Realistic Approach

After 2020, taking the entire industry at the storm, the organizations in 2021, from local businesses to large enterprises, have turned their focus to online and video marketing to adapt to the “new normal.” As per the top digital marketing experts like Mari Smith, Dennis Yu, Greg Jarboe, Andrew Hubbard, and CEOs of LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, the redefined video marketing will help in achieving business goals. Some of the reasons they believe in this are:

  • Live videos provide a real shopping experience.
  • Long videos on products can engage traffic for a longer time and uplift the traffic rate.
  • More than 428 million videos were uploaded last year for business promotion which is likely to increase between 487- 657 billion this year. Without the support of SEO algorithms, such a huge success was not possible.
  • Due to the adaptation of WFH culture, video content is catching up with the waves as it takes less time to create a video and upload rather than running a marketing campaign.
  • Linkedin CEO says if the video content can engage the audiences here then it can do it anywhere.
  • Video sequencing which is the latest trend of video marketing allows two way connections to develop with the customers.
  • Unfiltered Conversations create great human experiences. It means that the brands and their customers will be communicative with each other. The brand’s improvement and customer building is done side by side.

In 2021, there will be a push for 30-second vertical video ads to support marketing campaigns. Micro-Videos, Shoppable Videos will be more visible on the browsers.

The developers, marketers, and other experts are working to make it a grand success for the organizations by simplifying the process. Hopefully, the results are going to be favorable.

Concluding Thoughts

At this point, the live streaming video industry has become the future of digital marketing. After the pandemic situation, it seems a long path favoring consistent, episodic-style content, and the most effective way to take the promotional activities forward.

One of the biggest advantages is the support of the social media platforms that are introducing new platforms.

The brands like Adidas, Apple, and IBM have a remarkable success story to support video marketing’s growing fan following. To this day, it has become one of the most influential and watched marketing techniques on the Internet.

While you opt to develop promotional videos, you can check out the success of your video content by asking the question: Does my video answer the audience’s questions? If you can drill to the core of your market’s problems, then the content for the video will take a few clicks to reach its success.

The bottom line is that advertising through videos is the ultimate brand advocacy for 2021. Hope our research will inspire you to incorporate more videos in your marketing this year.

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