It’s time to celebrate, and then it’s time to start dreaming about wedding arrangements. There are several small things to include when planning a wedding. Where do you begin? Perhaps you decide you don’t want a big wedding venue and are now considering an intimate resort elopement. Dispel the misconception that elopements do not necessitate the use of a skilled photographer. Intimate weddings or elopements are a few photographers’ favorite types of events to photograph.

If your wedding is big or tiny, employing a skilled photographer to capture all the passion, feeling, and in-between moments during your celebration would be well worth it to have pictures of your celebration to hold onto forever.

It’s time to do some research.

If you’ve decided on a date, it’s time to start looking at wedding photographers. Photographers are usually booked six months to a year in advance.

You’ve already read an essay or two about how to choose a photographer from a wedding publication like THE KNOT or Martha Stewart Wedding. You may have even seen some fantastic photography blogs. Still, you’ve also seen those aimed toward saving as much money as possible when arranging a wedding and those who did not appreciate photography as an art or an integral part of your wedding day.

Although we understand the importance of saving money when arranging a wedding, we believe you get what you pay for. Your wedding/elopement photos will be what remains after your wedding day is over and memories disappear.

Here are few pointers to help you select the ideal wedding photographer:

Get a firm grasp of the style you want.

It will assist you in narrowing down your options for photographers. Are you drawn to more conventional photography, posing shots, and pretty smiles that begins with the camera? Do you want a documentary style where the photographer goes unnoticed, and there are no posing photographs? Do you want a candid approach that catches powerful feelings as well as little facts to tell the tale of the whole day? Are you looking for someone who can pose every portrait unnaturally and stiffly, interfering with everyday moments, or someone who will relax and go with the flow, catching the soil on your dress as you stroll across a mountain plain, peacefully taking in the beauty of the day?

Get acquainted with the photographer.

Can your personalities complement each other? Your photographer will be with you for the majority of the day. Make sure you can accept and maybe even enjoy them. You don’t have to choose the local photographer you’ve known since you were a kid, all because your family feels compelled to do so. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. It’s your big day. Choose someone whose work you admire. Most photographers also enjoy getting to know their customers better because it builds a beautiful rapport, which is essential when making photographs packed with REAL emotion. They want you to feel something when you look at a photograph. Look up photographer review listings on Google.

Ask them for their wedding photo portfolio.

It’s all right. Don’t be afraid to speak out. It’s simple to share the best of the best on social media or share amazing stylized photographs from a stylized shoot with amazing vendors, so every shot is picture-perfect, but what about those actual moments and real couples? If you request a full gallery of a real wedding, your photographer would gladly share it.

Ask them if they have a backup set of equipment.

It is essential to provide backup facilities. Check with your photographer to see if they have backup equipment. You don’t want the photographer to turn up to your wedding with just one camera body. What if the strap snaps and the camera falls to the floor before the ceremony begins? What if the camera body is constantly used and the shutter fails? Can they have several lenses if a visitor drops a cocktail on the one lens used? However, if the photographer is filming for several specialist bodies, these will cost $3,000 or more each. Equipment is not inexpensive, and it must be upgraded, washed, and updated daily. Since the equipment is not anything, the type of glass used will impact image quality and the photographer’s ability to film in inclement weather.

Don’t forget about insurance.

Since we’re on the subject of company, ask your photographer if they’re insured. Professional photographers should be protected if anything happens to their equipment or anything happens to one of the guests involving the photographer’s equipment. For example, a light stand tips over on a guest on the dance floor and injures them, or a kid doesn’t like being shot and throws a rock, damaging the photographer’s camera.

Inquire for more information.

What exactly is included in the package? Are the photos fully and independently edited? Will they only be edited if they pay a fee? Will the photographer want to upsell you on digital files on top of the initial kit price? Make sure you have a deal with your photographer. Make sure you have a contract in place for all of your wedding vendors.

Ask for the turnaround period.

It is essential to learn more about this. The photographer you want to employ charges a lower fee. Perhaps because they work full-time and only shoot weddings on weekends, will their turnaround time be months if they work full-time? Understandably, given that they still have a full-time career. Do you prefer to wait 5-6 months to see your photos? The same is true for studios that promote shooting 100 weddings a season. If you want to wait more than six months for your wedding photos? What will your guest experience be like? Will your photographer owe you individualized and thoughtful care if they are shooting many weddings, or will your wedding be just another number?

Wedding photography is a whole different ballgame. We’d be kidding if we said it wasn’t overwhelming. You don’t want to waste a shot or make a mistake on someone else’s wedding day.

After you’ve decided on a photographer, contact them for a “test” run and schedule an engagement session. It is a great way to spend a couple of hours with them and see if your personalities mesh, you feel comfortable spending hours with them on your wedding day, and you get great images you love. Win-win!

It is especially beneficial if either of you is camera shy, as it will allow you to feel more comfortable on your wedding day. Some partners opt not to hold an engagement session while they are eloping, and that is perfectly well. It would help if you met your photographer for coffee or safely through Zoom for a chance to talk and get to know them.

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