Customer trust can be the most important factor in making your business a success. However, winning the trust of a customer is not a piece of cake. Luckily, or unluckily, for e-commerce companies, your website is the biggest asset you can use to gain customer trust. However, there are many tried and tested ways to gain trust of customers on your e-commerce platform.

Many companies have failed to retain loyal customers because they have not complied with the promises they made. They only focus on acquiring customers, and they don’t do anything else to make them happy.

This is a mistake. Once the customer initially converts, the person has the highest potential to become a long-term buyer of loyalty. But apart from your product or service, what do you give him decides if he comes back.

Here are a few tested ways to create trust among your customers on your E-commerce versions:

1. Make it easy for the customer

If you want to build a loyal customer base, you must prove that your product or service is incredible. For this, you must first attract the customer to buy your service or product at least once. The best way out is to make things easy for them. When starting a new company, it’s important not to let people get confused with a lot of options. People don’t usually know what to buy and providing them too many new options that cause them to return to a website they are familiar with.

2. Keep it simple

Simplicity is not only a good strategy for people to buy new products, but also a smart strategy for advertising them. Keep your ads simple. Repeat the same message in a slightly different way. People usually don’t respond to ads when they first see or hear an ad. Building interest needs repetition. Therefore, the same message is used repeatedly.

3. Emotional connect

We all at one point or other in life have met someone we don’t agree to on many levels. It becomes difficult to like that person and develop trust. The same happens in our shopping experiences. As an e-commerce company, your main focus should be to make your potential customers who like you. If they do, they will start to trust you and eventually buy from you.

The first step to achieve this is to avoid using technical jargon. Instead, write product descriptions that people can relate to. Your content should connect with them at an emotional level. Only then will they start trusting you.

4. Showcase your reviews and the testimonies

Recommendations and comments reinforce the fact that people find your product valuable. In other words, it displays that your e-commerce store can be trusted and worthy of spending money at. Research shows that 55% of consumers view product reviews online before buying. Therefore, be sure to highlight your customer recommendations and comments on your website.

5. Display the shipping costs upfront

I have encountered many e-commerce sites that do not display additional charges such as shipping charges on the product page. It came as a disgraced surprise on the payment page. Even if I decide to buy something, I get easily discouraged when I see the extra cost at checkout. People are not against paying for the shipping but seeing these charges on the checkout page. 23% of people give up their shopping cart just because they don’t know the extra cost of shipping.

So, for your sales to shoot up, do keep these points in mind

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