CBD oil is a supplemental product that has been doing wonders for many individuals throughout the globe, particularly to those with certain health conditions.

As the benefits of CBD oil continues to stand out, more and more people are becoming curious about this cannabis compound. As a widely known controversial topic, one of the frequently asked questions that everyone wants to know the answer to is if this substance really is good for you.

In fact, this question is even on the minds of many health professionals. In this article, we will go through exactly how these professionals feel about CBD oil, and if they would recommend this supplemental product to their patients. Despite CBD oil not being considered as a type of medicine, you can still buy these products in pharmacies such as cbdMD CBD Oil capsules.

In order to fully answer this great question and to address this long-time controversial topic, here are some responses and comments from specific health professionals that come from very different health backgrounds.


As experts in diet, the main role of nutritionists is to help their patients discover and eat healthy foods. With CBD oil coming under this category, it is common for nutritionists to approach this topic. Roger Adams, a doctor of nutrition and a personal trainer, has a positive outlook for CBD oil and its proven benefits.

As a doctor, he mentioned that he agrees with more research needing to be done on this subject for him to confidently promote and recommend CBD products to his patients. In the meantime, however, Roger Adams does specifically appreciate the positive effects that CBD has had on epilepsy, especially towards epilepsy in children.


Dermatologists are specialists in skin care. One of the benefits of CBD oil is that it is great for acne, which is a very common skin condition that many affected individuals visit a dermatologist for.

A fellow dermatologist by the name of Lily Talakoub has stated that she has recommended the use of CBD oil for acne. This is because the CBD extract helps reduce skin inflammation and the excess production of oil on the skin. However, she also stated that she is still very careful with who the CBD oil manufacturers are, as the process of extracting these oils can vary.

Lily further adds that, although considered a supplement, all forms of treatment should only be suggested by professionals. That way, they can determine if the treatment will prove useful or even safe as many individuals can have allergic reactions to new products or substances. So, depending on the manufacturing process of CBD oils, these products can have a lower chance of being effective or beneficial.


A NYC-based clinical psychologist, Jessica Nicolosi, is one of the more pro-CBD oil promoters within the health industry. Because CBD is very effective in regulating certain mental health conditions, this is understandably so for a psychologist that studies the human mind.

Jessica Nicolosi has shared that a lot of her patients are CBD oil users. The majority of them has a drug addiction background and reported that their addictions have even been suppressed since they began taking the supplement. Having had much positive feedback from her patients, Jessica is certainly one health professional that uses CBD oil as an alternative treatment for mental healing and recovery.


For chiropractic physician, Brooke Van Kirk, CBD oil products are a great remedy for a lot of her patients. In fact, her husband who is an orthopedic surgeon also boasts the benefits that this supplement has had on his own patients as a part of their post-surgery treatments.

Brooke Van Kirk stated that most of her patients who take CBD oil have sleep problems. So, she uses both musculoskeletal alignment and CBD oil treatments to better meet the health needs of each patient. However, product quality is very important to Brooke.

Along the lines of what other health professionals similarly say, Brooke does warn about which products to use as some may not be as potent as another. As a result, the efficacy of CBD oils may only delay the treatment process if the product is of low quality, which Brooke is still very cautious about.


CBD oil products, as well as other CBD products such as cbdMD CBD dog treats, for example, have received much positive feedback from all kinds of individuals. Even doctors and other health specialists admit to the beneficial potential of CBD oil as a treatment method. And, to no surprise, all of these health professionals have the same opinion concerning product quality. So, whether for personal use or for re-selling purposes, it is critical that you choose a reliable CBD oil manufacturer like cbdMD to truly get what you pay for.

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