Meet the Youngest entrepreneur of India: Tilak Mehta: 15 Years Old Tilak Mehta, Founder of Paper n Parcel, is the World’s Youngest Entrepreneur who made a Digital Courier Company by providing One-Day parcel service, with the help of “Mumbai Dabbawala.”

The idea started when he wanted a few books from another end of the city urgently. His father came home tired after a day’s work, and so he could not ask him and there was nowhere to go.

This is where the idea of having a startup dedicated to carrying papers and small parcels within the Mumbai for assured intra-day delivery struck Tilak. A boy from a city of dreams has successfully carried on with his passion and built a huge empire.

Tilak was a student and had no intention of becoming an entrepreneur but when he faced a problem, he decided to solve it, not to ignore it. If you are a student and want to pursue your dream of becoming an entrepreneur, just solve any single problem that you face in such a way that no one else can. This way you’ll learn how to solve a problem which is crucial for entrepreneurs because every entrepreneur is solving one or the other burning problems of the potential customer.

I am a student myself that’s why I know students have a lot of problems, some of them are:

Lack of interest in studies or in a specific subjects that we all hate to read but we have to.

Don’t have a specific goal about what we wants from life. If you don’t what you want, do you really want anything?

Many of us have low self-esteem and it’s completely okay because even Gandhi Ji was an introvert and was shy talking to people.

Lack of Confidence, confidence is something that you can develop over time by practicing. Albert Einstein didn’t speak clearly for the first five years after his birth and was enrolled late in the school. But by using the power of practicing, the whole world knows him as a Genius.

We all go through different turmoils and, some of us, lack the ability to deal with it.

We look for a get quick rich techniques but wait always remember that the Taj Mahal was not built in 2 years, Dasrath Manjhi didn’t break the mountain in 2 years, and the Lok Sabha election does not take place in every 2 years. So, do what you want to and at least wait for 5 years to see the results. “Good things take time”

Almost all of us didn’t get support from our relatives when we try to pursue our exotic dreams whether it’s a dream of doing a private job in companies like Google, Facebook, etc or becoming an author of the best-selling novels.

Life seems unfair and we think that we are the ones who are blessed with this mess. But what we actually don’t know or forget is that we all are fighting some battles others know nothing about.

Always remember that every entrepreneur is a student of continuous learning. So try to develop these skills and you can develop them without disturbing your studies. In fact, if you developed these skills you will not only strive but thrive in the world of life.

A lot of love for you, support for your journey, and respect for your time.

Thanks for spending some time and reading my post.

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