I have been a cell phone addict for years. I don’t use my mobile for greater than 10–20 minutes however I use it each hour so it exhausts my hours of precious time.

The Way Instagram makes you an addict :

Instagram manufactures a predictable response inside your brain. Your behavior will be reshaped by a reinforcement loop which, through repeated conditioning, created a connection between the things you see in the world around her and the app inside your pocket.

When a product is tightly coupled with a thought, an emotion, or a pre-existing habit, it creates an “internal trigger.” Unlike external triggers, which are sensory stimuli, like a phone ringing or an ad online telling us to “click here now!,” you can’t see, touch, or hear internal triggers. Internal triggers manifest automatically in the mind and creating them is the brass ring of consumer technology.


I used to use a maximum of all of the social media to be had at the internet but as time exceeded Instagram brought all featured to be had and combined it so I deleted all my social media apps and used simplest Instagram for most of my time.

My activity on Instagram become round 6–7 hrs/day and I turned into bowled over to look it.

It became horrible so finally, I discovered the maximum awaited characteristic of Instagram.

“Daily reminder”

The day by day reminder was the most awaited characteristic for me as I usually get distracted by social media via the dependency of forgetting.

The things I did are :

  1. Created a hectic schedule until night
  2. Followed it by using achieving all my focus
  3. Opened my Instagram simplest in the evening
  4. Set reminder within the Instagram for 1 hour 30 min via going into my profile — Opening sidebar — Your hobby — Set a reminder
  5. Committed to the reminder for two weeks

This has become my dependancy after 2 weeks and tada! I became successful

I eventually saw that the usage of Instagram too low compared to my early stage.

Try this out yourself and comment on your ways of having rid of Instagram addiction…

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