Before knowing who is Shaheer Ahmed, let me tell you what is he trying to do.

Shaheer Ahmed, the creator, and founder of Unmasp is a directory of scammers and spammers.

What is Unmasp?

Unmasp.Tech is a platform to be able to assist to take away scammers and spammers, and also it will assist to offer the statistics of the scammers and spammers.

This platform works on the directory, that’s made for scams and spams and which lets you put up and read about who is scammers and spammers.

Unmasp tries to make consumers aware of their capabilities by giving them a platform where they can report the injustice done to them by any service provider, company or individual.

We try to create awareness of unfair, misleading, or obnoxious practices which many companies follow or perform for their benefit.

We arm the network with the statistics and equipment that they could make use of and build more potent via sharing their own studies and mistreatment.

How did the Idea of the Unmasp bear?

The creator quoted,

“So Being fascinated about blogging, I had a lot of experience in blogs. One day on Instagram I got a message from a scammer saying that he wants to sell me a course for the cheapest available price by which anyone can become an advanced blogger.

With a lot of past experience, I asked him to show me his blog, so he sent me his blogger link but he was such a dumb guy that he sent me his blogger admin panel link but not the link of his blog. I cooled myself and asked him with Patience to send me his blog link by giving him instructions then he sent me the link of his dumb blog with 2 plagiarised posts.

These sort of people exist in a huge number online. Therefore I created a directory of scams and spams. It lets people know if the website/person/app is a scam. I have already launched its beta. If you want to be the first to know about the blog then make sure to subscribe here and share your opinions and stories.”


  • Unmasp has received 3k+ visitors in just a few days of launch.
  • It has been published in 5 blogs and the initiative was appreciated by many successful entrepreneurs.
  • Successfully listed 100+ scammers/spammers
  • Unmasp has reached around 12,000 people till now via all sources.

Coming up

Shaheer Ahmed is now trying to improve Unmasp by adding a tutorial feature on its website. Unmasp is soon going to hold up local awareness programs on Cybersafety.

Who is Shaheer Ahmed?

Shaheer Ahmed is the Founder and creator of Unmasp. He has past experience in blogging at his own blog, Unveil India and The Tech Infinite. He is a beginner in Digital Marketing and has experience in working with 2 Online brands and handling Social Media.

He is the author of two ebooks – “ Illegal but still legal “ and “ Ruling the Cyberspace “

Now he has a primary focus on Unmasp. He is trying to help people avoid scams and spreading awareness online and offline.

Follow your passion

Shaheer was born in a small town Jangaon, which is now a district. Until 2017 he had no access to internet facilities, when he knew about the internet he became more and more curious about it and went deep in it.

This resulted in the combination of his passion for writing, therefore he wrote an ebook and published it on 7th July 2019.

Final tips by the creator of Unmasp

Tips to avoid fake websites

Consumers are suggested not to buy something from a website with tell-tale symptoms of a rip-off, including:

  • Prices are too excellent to be true
  • Website registration details are hidden
  • No contact details, together with a legitimate bodily address, phone wide variety or ABN

Other tips:

  • Be wary of ‘brilliant deals’ served to you via an internet search or pop-ups. Scammers desire to catch you out when you impulse purchase on the promise of a brilliant bargain.

  • Be suspicious of websites you haven’t heard of before.
  • Consider the risks if there is no physical address, cellphone contact information, or ABN.
  • Watch out for websites inquiring about insecure charge methods (direct bank transfer or wire transfer).
  • Protect yourself with the aid of the usage of known legit sites and paying by means of a steady system (padlocked) with a credit score card or Paypal, so that you have a possibility to are trying to find a chargeback in case you don’t get what you paid for.
  • Use the internet to search for reviews before shopping for a website as this could regularly reveal patron weblog threads exposing scam websites (or a Consumer Protection warning).
  • Be aware scammers create copycat websites of actual online businesses. Pixelated pictures can be a sign of this.

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