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Account settings

Your profile page

  • Your profile on Bucketbuff consists of information publicly linked to your account it includes
  • Profile name
  • Short bio
  • Profile image
  • Lists of people you follow and who follow you
  • Publications you edit
  • Recent stories you’ve written (plus an optional post posted by your friend on your wall)
  • Articles you’ve recommended, a or responded to

Managing stories

Your draft and post

Editing profile

  • On your profile page, click Edit profile to edit your profile
  • Change your display name to appear on your public profile of up to 25 characters.
  • Enter a bio of up to 120 characters.
  • Change your profile image by clicking the profile icon next to blog and uploading an image from your device.

When you’re done with making changes, click Save.

your username cannot be change once registered .

your profile name can be change

  • Drafts are unfinished posts that have not yet been published. People cannot read your draft.
  • Public posts can be read by anyone from your profile page and elsewhere on bucketbuff. 

Writing post

  • If on desktop click on icon just beside your avatar in the top-right corner of the page .
    Click Write a story.
  • If on mobile phones click on the profile icon on the topleft corner then slide through the add new post section.

Using the editor to post stories

Add a title

Enter a title. If you don’t enter a title, You won’t be able to post the stories and title should not be too long for better seo.

Basic formatting

To add some basic formatting to your story, highlight a word or phrase. This will bring up a text toolbar with available options.

the full formating work only on desktops

Add an image

  1. On your post, go to a new line and click the + button on the left to expand the menu
  2. Click the Camera button to upload an image from your desktop.
    Always use best images or use directly from free image services.
click on the camera icon to upload image images should not be more than 10mb

Add media embeds

The editor also allows you to add media embeds like YouTube videos or vimeo.

click on the youtube icon paste the URL of the embed (not the embed code).

Press Enter. If a rich version of the embed is supported, it will be rendered automatically, or else it will become a simple embedded link in a box

When you’re finished with your post, click Ready to publish.

Few questions

How to contribute a story?

Create an account, Go to write a story Press publish

Can I republish my story here? 

No, But you can share the link of your story on the wall.

What stories get featured on homepage?

Based on recommendation & Editorial picks.

How to get more traffic for my stories? 

Insightful headlines, captivating image(s),  quality words.  

How often can I submit stories?

As often as you wish. 

How to make the best out of my author profile?

Update your bio & optimize your CTA

How do I know if my story has been rejected/edited/published?

Writer dashboard notifications and/or via email.

It’s been 4+ days since my story was removed and I see no response? 

Sorry about that. Let us know. 

Why was my story automatically rejected? 

Plagiarism, spams, misleads, or other redflags. 

My story doesn’t have any of that. Why was it still rejected?

Quality & relevancy to tech, startup and lifestyle matter! 

Does Bucketbuff offer any help to improve my writing? 

Yes. Staff Editors will provide feedback. 

How did you create that cool feature images?

Found on unsplash, edited with lunapic 🙂

Can a company/brand get feature on Bucketbuff?

Yes. Brands pay a fee though. 

Can I pay to get published?

Even as brand, publishing’s not guaranteed. 

So what do you charge brands for? 

Brands pay for story.

So if brands pay, you will automatically publish their content?

No. Editors judge purely on merits. 

Do you pay your writers? 

With cash? Currently, no as we are not making any money with the site, But you can establish yourself to get hired may be someone like your knowledge on topic you write ,can contact you through private message the inbuilt messaging system is made for it.

Can I edit an already published story? 

Yes. Make changes anytime. 

Do you publish only in English? Can I translate a post to another language?

Mostly English. But please do translate! 

I only want to read. Do I need to create an account? 


Is there any reason I should create an account as a reader?

To track reading of author you follow history of story they recommend & comment. bookmarks story to read later

Do I need to pay to read your site?  

No. We will never put the stories behind the paywall. 

So how do you make money?

Currently we are not making any money We will raised some or Maybe through sponsors! 

What kind of advertising/sponsorship do you allow?

Billboard, brand-as-author, Events too. 

I have more questions. What do I do? 

email support@Bucketbuff.com