It’s no secret that Google failed the social network race . As google+ to shutdown download your data . The  Google+ which was threatening the existence of the Facebook is now, no longer be able to sustain. Although it grew to large user base but the engagement was pretty low. and the last year data breach ended its hope to grow. It has been announced that it will be completely shut down in April.

Google will soon start deleting all content on Google+ content like photos, videos, and group and everything else on it. If you were Google+ users or where promoting using the platform just like blogger and company. now is the time to download all of your data.

As of now google+ is not accepting new profiles and communities. Google is not fully ending the google+ but only shutting down its consumer version.

Now before its is no longer available you can download your data from a lot of tool

How to download Google+ data before its gone.

Now before its is no longer available you can download your data from from the below process.

  • You can download your data from Google Takeout
  • Select  the which platform data you want to download
  • Choose download formats
  • adjust how your data is stored

Google takeout is a service provided by google to download all your data which is on google. it’s a great tool you can download your data in a lot of format like .zip, or in html format.

Google+ was once consider a fierce rival of Facebook because of its lot of unique features like circle. One of the features like Streams. which allows you to adjust your activity stream by selecting what circles you want to see in your stream.

Write your response down below on whether you thing google fail in social network and how it is going to affect you.

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