Yes you heard it right chrome is to get inbuilt adblocker and it will be live this year in summer. its an effort by google to make web more cleaner and more safer to avoid fake ads. the news may have stunned you and many website owner and blogger. but before you start thinking about your ad revenue here are something you need to know before you get angry.

Google will only block those ads which violate the ads standard and annoying type of ads so that you focus more on the knowledge on the web than on the ads. this feature were already launched in the some continent like Europe and North america.

Don’t worry not all ads will be blocked but only certain type of ads and here they are:

Types of Banned ad

Ads types like ads which take full page width like that of popup ads and sticky ads. many of the ads which we see or may be you have been using it like sticky ads, pages having ad density more than 30 percent.On the mobile you may have been using ads like pop-up adsauto-playing videos ads, postital ads with countdowns, full-screen scrollover ads. the above ads type unfortunately will be banned or blocked.

image from google

You can use the tools such as Google’s Ad Experience Report tool to check whether they you have any unacceptable ads on your sites.

It may seem a bad news for some but i think its a good move by google. Like many of us may have encountered ads that try to trick users with fake system warnings, close buttons and other fake content intended to direct them to ads and some spam sites.

It may trouble some website owner or may become an inspiration for some to improve the ads experience on their site. 

Write your comment down below what do you think this a good move by the google or not. and also how it is going to effect your revenue. if you like my story then please do share and recommend to let other people know about it.

Read smarter not harder See fewer ads ,write your own stories, have people reading it,recommend the story and get rewarded..