As  mobile users are growing day by day. Companies and business are focusing more on the small screen. As you have seen in the web design market responsive website are the new trend. So the mobile apps come in play to solve the business need to give users great experience in small screen . But building mobile app are pretty hard and expensive for enterprise. The new startup Glide help build mobile apps without coding.

The startup has made the process so easy that with the knowledge of spreadsheet you can now make mobile app. The founders of Glide witnessed the problem and difficulty faced by companies in the building and maintaining the  mobile app so they came up with a simple solution.

They are making the process so easy and cost effective that even the small business can make use of it.  According Glide  CEO  spreadsheet are most successful and  is vastly used by the enterprises to track information. so they came up with an idea  that help companies make mobile app with the knowledge of spreadsheet. The idea seems fascinating to me .

How easy it is to make apps from glide

Glide founders saw the isolation in the mobile development technology where making the apps is still a painful thing for the companies. Before making the platform they tried a lot of tools on the internet which allow making mobile app without coding  but they where disappointed with all of  them.

Making app with the Glide is as simple as adding information in your spreadsheet. You just need to add the data and then create a app without writing single line of code . And not only that  you even publish app in the app stores. The app are dynamic and data could be updated as you add information on it. 

You can even share the link  with anyone  so they can open it in their browser and browse it. 

To make an app with the Glide you have to upload the spread sheet. For example you have make a spreadsheet on your office time table with different Tab as you upload your data it embed  and will show the app similar below.

It is really fascinating to see your spreadsheet data getting converted into beautiful app. With the help of inbuilt template  you can take app design and customize all without writing single line of code. 

The founders of the Glide have decided to expand and to make their startup to global reach. They have apply at Y Combinator after consulting with former Xamarin CEO,  to get guidance on building their startup, taking advantage of the VC  network.

Let see how much support will it get in  so that people could make use of the platform to make dynamic app. It will going the revolutionize the mobile development industry.

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