Its a good news for the GitHub user and specially if you have not paid for it. github  private repositories now free for its user. earlier free Github account code had to be public. To get private account you had to pay but now that’s not the case anymore. from today you can use unlimited private projects but with the limitation of up to three collaborators.

Its a good news as earlier developers who wanted to create private repositories were sometime using it rivals service like BitBucket and Gitlab. Although it has a limitation but many developers could use private repos to work on a side project, or try something out in private before releasing it publicly. the public repository is as it is and there has not been any changes to it.

The news bring the join among  the github community where some of the member where worried of the platform after the Microsoft takeover. It seem like that the Microsoft is trying to attract big enterprises rather than focusing to monetizing the platform from the small team.

Apart from the making free the private repositories Github has also announced to change the name of  GitHub Developer suite to ‘GitHub Pro. May be company is doing so in order to help developers better identify the tools they need

The news might give its rivals a blow but its rivals like Gitlab has already been offering unlimited collaborator on the private repositories. Also limiting to the three collaborator are a bit limited and may be best suit for small group of people. but developers could make use of unlimited private repository by dividing the task on several repository for a small to medium project.

let see how this changes on the github will attract the user who have already moved to GitLab, this news come a bit too late.

Write your comment down below on how this news is going to help you and follow me to get latest tech news.

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    • Shad replied
      2 years ago

      Its a good news specially for developers but it would have been best when the limitation would have more than three.