While is probably the most popular free CMS tools online, it does require paid hosting to make your site or blog successes – that can be viewed as a drawback for those in search of the most cost-effective option. There are various elements, collectively, responsible for having a complete and successful website. Having a WordPress website pre-launch checklist will only help you to carry out things in an effective manner, and that can never be a bad thing.

Key Problems Involved With Choosing With Free Host

Limited Customization – Free hosts may offer some customization that has a range of available templates, color schemes and headers

Limited Functionality – if you’re trying to increase the scope of functionality afterward, your blog will have limitations on usability

No Main Domain – The free hosting plans don’t offer the separate domain name. Instead,  they simply give you subdomain upon their domain name

Limited Bandwidth And Speed – Free hosting services have limited bandwidth and data transfer speed. The bandwidth can be seen as the range of visitors allowed at your website per month.

In case the limit exceeds, the website hosting will be affected the servers, forcing you to buy the paid web hosting plans for extended bandwidth and data transfer rate

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High Performance Fast Hosting for WordPress Sites

If you’re in search of best WordPress hosting provider or professional with varieties of feature, then dedicated hosting the one to fit your needs. This kind of hosting gives you a separate server specifically for your website.

Full Control –  You’ll be able to manage every factor of your website including load balancer, security technologies, operating systems, and a whole lot

Top-Notch Hardware – You’ll be given high-quality hardware to sustain your website

Round-The-Clock Support – You can be confident that you could always get assistance

Automatic Backups – You’ll get automatic migrations and backups

Of course, this is not a full list, but it already shows how much of a luxury dedicated hosting is. Logically, it’s not cheap. The price ranges are pretty high, therefore you should only think about this option just in case you need to make use of all the available options and you have an affordable budget for this.

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Web Hosting For Online Stores (E-Commerce Hosting)

If you are searching to commence an online store, then it’s essential to identify a hosting provider with strong eCommerce opportunities.

If the problem is that your business still doesn’t have an online store, it is advisable to consider such an option since a large number of consumers prefer buying online instead of in physical stores.

Some providers market themselves as specifically for eCommerce, though it’s still vital that you focus on the features they offer and find out if they’re the ideal choice for you. Check these things:

Design – The template designs should be beautiful and attractive to users

Shopping Cart Software – There must be shopping cart software

Services Integration – PayPal and email marketing tools integration are a must

Security – The security factor should be given a lot of attention. Customers want their personal information and payment details protected

Up time rates and reliability of the website hosting provider you choose are essential in terms of money. Whenever your site is inaccessible, you could be losing countless sales worth thousands of dollars.

This might also cause a damaged reputation for one’s brand.

Logically, hosts usually guarantee a certain amount of up time.

web hosting security

Now you know the comparison and which one to choose from free Web Hosting Vs Dedicated Web Hosting. Most offer the classic 99.9% guarantee, while some may go as little as 99%.

Shared web hosting customers usually receive the 99.9% plans, while bigger companies are willing to pay for guarantees of up to 100%.

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