Do you know there was a time when augmented reality, voice search and artificial intelligence were ambitious concepts, but now these concepts are the top trends in the digital marketing industry.

And it is quite obvious that if you want your business to remain competitive, you will have to adapt to the changes. We thrive in an environment where marketing technology and consumer behavior change fast, so fast that often times we are unable to discover and exploit these changes.

2020 is the year that many businesses will realize the dominance of AI. Our company has thus already started using the power of AI to bring a wave of change for many of our clients. By using AI we have helped our clients obtain a competitive advantage and enter new markets. Our AI bound strategies have provided for a better way to analyze consumer behavior and search patterns. We have also formed technologies powered by AI which helps us obtain data and use it to understand how our clients’ customers find their products or services. With AI currently leading the digital marketing scene, we have adopted it for basic communication, content creation, e-commerce transactions, and personalized emails.

Aceus Media has extended its hands into programmatic marketing and chatbots. Programmatic marketing uses AI for automating the ad buying process which will help target a more specific audience. This kind of automation is extremely useful as it leads to higher conversions and lower CPA costs. Using chatbots we have driven our client’s businesses to provide better customer experience, with instant response and 24hour service.

Voice search has caused many businesses to redesign their digital marketing strategies for 2020. This year 50% of all searches will be through voice. Many homes and businesses already have a smart speaker and voice shopping is set to reach $40billion by 2022 compared to $2billion this year. So you already understand what voice search is set to achieve and we have understood it as well. In response to a rise in voice search, we have planned strategies for our clients which help their businesses completely leverage the voice search technology by writing conversational content, ranking in featured snippets and researching keywords that people will speak.

By 2022, 70% of companies will be trying their hands in immersive technologies and 25% of them will start production. Many brands have already started using AR for providing better customer experience and increase sales. Looking into the future AR has become an important standpoint in marketing and our company is also looking into the scopes it may offer to our clients.

And finally, the most awe-inspiring digital marketing trend of 2020 is Neuromarketing. Neuromarketing analyzes an individual’s brain activity and nervous system to find out what kind of content they find engaging. It is used to design marketing materials like emails, ads and websites content to stimulate neurological reactions that trigger emotions linked to purchasing.

The digital marketing platform is changing every day with new and latest trends. Every business needs to embrace these changes, which brings new tools, strategies and technologies to stay ahead of your competition. Our company believes in adapting to the new trends as it is a part of any digital marketing agency to provide the utmost best to its clients. We keep looking ahead and strive for excellence in the digital marketing field.

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