There are lot of companies trying hard to received permits to launch their driverless vehicles. Zoox is a first robotics company to get that permission to actually transport people in those vehicles. The us-based company has been granted to test its cars on the road in the California .

But initially for the safety of the passengers there is a driver behind the wheel and will also not be charging  passengers for rides. But company have to give monthly report on the incident of accident or malfunctioning and also about its safety protocols.

image credit zoox, First Driverless transportation car in the world

Zoox  get boosted when they get around $500 million funding from its funding round. making its valuation jumps to billions of dollars. the zoox co-founder aims to deploy driverless vehicles by 2020.

According to zoox website they use simulation and advanced neural networks to train its driving A.I. the company has also make the safety its first priority. And also all the cars will be eco-friendly means they are electric.

Also there are some big companies like Uber and Baidu who are working on driver-less vehicles. there are number of other companies like tesla,honda and lyft. 

Zoox’s has got permit for limited time only as the transport department would be testing it whether it is safe or not before they open fully for the public. zoox cars is going to be the first driverless transportation car in the world.

Zoox may become the first company to revolutionize the car industry. They might change the world or might be a big hit. It may excite the people but time will see whether it will be a big hit or a flop. i will also be sharing some videos related to driver-less cars on my wall. i am super excited to discuss on the topic.

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