When you want to buy mobile phone your decision on buying depends upon many factor such as you look up-to some brands, features and advice given by your friends and family .

Smartphones have evolved over a years from a device to connect with people to a mini computer and camera device all in one just small device which fit on your palm.

When you go out to buy a smartphone, you must first need to understand what is the most necessary feature you need. If you make a lot of calls or a heavy internet users then you may need smartphone with longer screen on time.

If you play a lot of game and love watching and playing different games then you may need better performing processor. Software plays an important role for those who love watching movies and listen to the song.

For people who takes a lot of selfies and want to capture every moment of their life then camera is a high priority for them.

Here some features to consider while buying an smartphone 

Operating system (OS)

Software or OS of the phone define the look and feel and interaction with phone . The software also define the how better battery performance and accessibility it has. The software in your phone describe the overall experience of on how you interact with your phone. A solid software platform make your phone stable and also helps in the better performance of the phone.

Software also plays a major role in the features of the smartphone if a smartphone is on a platform which offer something like multitasking and is not available on your phone but you want that features then you may transfer to that platform.

Some people stick to the same platform because there favourite app is only available to the software platform which they are using.

For some who need better control on their smartphones tend to stick to that platform. Like i love android because of its customizability. As you can install custom rom and make changes to the look and feel of the software. I love to makes changes on design of the icons.

You may have seen or experience different UI for smartphone with same version of android. For example  Oneplus has the Oxygen OS, Xiaomi has the MIUI and Samsung has something called the experience UI. these all run on the same software which is android but they have different UI. 

Some Ui are fast , some have a unique features and some look attractive. some may not look attractive like that of Samsung earlier UI which was on S3 which i hated.

So while buying a smartphone you make sure that you are comfortable with the UI the phone has to offer. Also how  well software of the phone are supported and for how how many years. Like some of the Samsung smartphones where not getting software updates. the software updates add new features and some bug fix to the software.

If your phone is supported for a longer, it means you can use it for longer and you will have value for money.

 Processor of the smartphone

Every smartphone work on the processor to run a software they need a processor. To run your app and your camera you need a processor. The higher the resources the software need the better the processor it need. Processor is also the reason when your phone run slow or hang. so basically what your phone can or can’t do basically depends on processor.

Features to consider while buying smartphone

Also the mobile processor manufacturing industry is very saturated only hand-full of company make them. Some of the companies are Qualcomm, Intel and MediaTek

Now the good processor is the one which will not heat even after prolonged use of the phone and also have better power effieciency. Generally the Qualcomm’s do a better job at that than the MediaTek, and hence are considered a tad premium over MediaTek for same segment of the phone.

You may have heard that the Processors have 2 Ghz , octa-core processor and something like that. these are clock rate and no of CPU core it has the higher they are the better they perform.

Now what is Clock rates it is actually the no of  operation the processor can perform per second. if you love multi-tasking then you must consider it serious.

Some of the best processor in the market the Apple A12 which Arm based chip, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, the Huawei Kirin 970, the MediaTek Helio X30 and the Samsung Exynos 9810.

The Cameras

Now camera is also one of the criteria which people take in consideration while buying Smartphones. a lot of smartphone company has come up with various camera configuration. with the increasing in the use of the photo sharing app like Instagram it has become the most used feature.

It could be said the rise of social media have increase the importance of the smartphone with better camera. People are sharing special moments, memories and trips with their friend and family.

You must have remember the nokia n-73  with 3.2 Megapixel which may now look small for a smartphone camera now but it was a great leap at that time. Now the mid-range smartphone have around 10-12 Megapixel camera.

But megapixel is not sole criteria to judges the quality of the camera but also the size of the pixels matter. they have a larger pixel size.

But now Dual Cameras phones are making its places in the market are in high demand. they are known to add features like portrait mode where picture blur at the background. But it should not be giving much important as these feature are offered by some software application.

Now some of the features which should always be considered are HDR and autofocus. As the camera with these features produce better image color.

Not just you take photos with the camera but videos too. so we should also consider how good image stabilization they provide while taking the videos. Another trend is the slow-motion videos supporting camera which could be considered if you like taking videos while playing. If you were out for watching football match and want to capture the players moves in slow motion.

Battery life and Charging technology

Although smartphone maker were making lot of progress on performance of processor. But the Little was done on battery performance of the smartphone. The average screen time for mobile earlier was 3-4 hour a day.

Many big tech smartphone makers like samsung were bad in batterry performance. But things changes when Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi revolutionize the smartphone industry with bigger and better battery of 4050 mAh.

Company have shifted focus to an existing battery can be longer battery life and performance. it was a nightmare for the people being disconnected in the internet world.

Now that battery are getting bigger things which people need to consider is the fast charging and better battery life. Battery life increases with power efficiency of the OS and processor.

We need our phone charged to get out of any emergency. but bigger battery makes phones bulkier that’s why smartphones now offer fast charging option where a size-able amount of your phones battery can be charged in a short time. 

Another technology which are trending are wireless charging that charge your phone the moment you place it on the wireless charging dock.

The Other things

Other things which people should consider while buying a smartphone is display and design. For me i love Amoled display because of its better image production. And when design is consider i love slim phone but for others they may like LCD display and large screen smartphone.  But these things are the matter of personal choices.

And last but most important things is the product which excite you and the one you need it desperately be consider after all.

write your response on what you consider while buying the smartphone and please do recommend.and if don’t want to publicly share what you consider while buying the smartphone privately message me

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