Facebook is now in big trouble as it add one more data breach in his privacy scandal book this year. the apps bug exposed the users unposted photos to third-party apps.

The bug in the Facebook apps allowed third-party app to gain access to users images. The bug allowed them to pull a lot of user data from stories to timeline photos.

It seems like the social network giant has grown too big to be secured. According to the sources the bug was discovered in September this year. The question arises why they were so late to announced ? but the answer is they were investigating whether it was the breach or not. Also they were investigating which user and app were affected.

The delay may put Facebook in trouble as not complying with GDPR. May lead to fine and the fine could be severe. but it is not clear whether the Facebook has already informed the European nation or not.

What facebook and we need to do now ?

The data breach remind me of Mark Zuckerberg congress testimony in which he told that he made the facebook and he is responsible for protecting our data . He also told if he can’t protect your data he don’t deserve to serve you. what do you think he deserve now.

Your private photos shared on the messenger are safe but bug may have exposed the photos users posted on facebook but never shared. 

The data privacy failure may impact facebook as user may weaken its trust on it. Facebook have been in lot of controversies and privacy failure. From the cambridge analytica to the bug in its platfrom “view as” features, facebook is going through a hard time. And the Facebook is only the one who is responsible for it.

As i have always refrain from putting my personal life on social media. The problem is not with the facebook but with us who trust someone else to  protect our privacy.

What do you think Facebook should do to gain its user trust ?. And also your response on its privacy policy.

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