The wedding is undoubtedly one of fascinating days of everyone’s life. And who doesn’t want to make it even more special? Having dreamed of a fairy tale wedding, what if we could turn that into reality for even a percent? With all the glittering stars and shine, and colours full of dreams of new life, you can make your wedding appear as interesting an affair as it is. It is time to get rid of all the old-school ideas in which everything is coloured in red and gold and decorated with marigold flowers. It is time to adopt some innovative colour combinations and get to experiment with themes for wedding decorations. The west has always been fascinated with the idea of theme weddings and sooner or later east also started experimenting with themes based on Indian culture and contemporary vintage styles.

This year Rajasthan has witnessed many exquisite and elegant weddings, the best aspect of all the weddings were the contemporary touches to the evergreen royalty of the royal city. A few of the trending wedding function themes included the Rajwada style weddings, mostly executed in Rajasthani royal families where the ‘mandaps’ were decorated like a king’s palace and the bride and groom looked no less than a king and queen of some dynasty. The other themes that were most liked include the vintage-contemporary themes and themes based on ‘Swayamvar’ or Radha Krishna’s’ themes. While you plan for your perfect wedding theme, take a note of certain factors like the season of the wedding, the audience you will be hosting and especially of the fact that the choices of you and your partner collides. Other than the theme, the selection of the right colour combinations for the decoration can also add on to be a treat to eyes. Some of the trending colour combinations include a twist of pastel pinks and greens with gold or shades of cream and orange with pastel greens. Some authentic combinations like hot pink, coral pink plus yellow and a touch of gold with navy blue and eggplant, are also trending a lot. You can pick up the colour combinations based on the idea of your theme. If the two gets well aligned, the outcome will be a marvellous wedding setup to take your lifetime vows. 

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