Coronavirus pandemic has affected the Placement of the students very adversely. Placements have all been postponed due to the COVID pandemic. Many students are left without jobs and there has been a heavy knock-off to employees from their jobs. Due to the outbreak, students who got placed are left in the dark as the companies have started delaying the offers, while a few others have withdrawn the offers.

According to a survey, around 82% of the colleges have been affected by the placement prospects. Internship offers of 74% of the pre-final year students have been affected. In these conditions, it is very important to find the Best Training and Placement cell that could help to convert the situations to the advantage and land the best job in hand.

Cherish Technologies in Fremont, CA, is offering a wide array of training on different technologies like Web development, Application development, ERP, Data warehouse, and Database services. The training is provided by the trainers with practical expertise on the subject, making it the Best Training and Placement Cell in Fremont, CA.

One mission, in 5 spheres, is the motto. They offer Training, Mentoring, Placements, Support, and Services. Many placement cells offer the placements with a no-knowledge on the placing company. But Cherish Technology offers comprehensive training as well as the Real-time experience with projects to work on, which could count on the experience of the student, which makes Cherish Technologies different from other placement organizations.

The courses that are offered are Cloud computing, IoT technologies, along with expertise on software like Salesforce, Workday, Transforming DevOps with CI/CD tools that are really important, and are making a change in these pandemic times too.

The training in these technologies helps the individual cover the subject from the initial basic level to the advanced level. The students will be able to master the services of top Cloud platforms, IoT products, and services and can create some of their devices and platforms too. This training can help you create your own Entrepreneurial journey or can help you land a job at the Fortune 500 companies.

The classes at Cherish Technologies are held by Experts and World-class instructors, and the courses offer flexible content and schedules that meet your needs. The course content can be taken within the comfort of the home environment, that can let you stay off the Pandemic environment while taking you to your dream, a bit closer.

The training at Cherish Technologies is customized as per your requirement, and hence the training is worry-free.

Below are the USPs of Cherish Technologies:

• Scheduling and Delivering the courses on flexibility

• Customized training

• Virtual training

• On-site training with remote attendees

• Scalable training options

• Private access to expert Instructors

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