The popular non-tracking web search engine, DuckDuckGo has won dotcom battle with google. DuckDuckGo which is known for its privacy  for not storing browsing data of user is now more easier to find. they have successfully acquired the generic domain name cutting off one more word from its url.

You can check that by typing and you will be automatically redirects to DuckDuckGo .com.

Now the fascinating story about it is that’s domain owner was Google. As DuckDuckGo and Google both are search engine rival it was a concern for DDG. Earlier redirect to which was the pain for DuckDuckGo and confusing for its user.

DuckDuckGo accused the search giant of anti-competitive behavior — by pointing to its own search engine.

For about a decade google has been redirecting to duck .com to google but now they have agree to transfer its ownership to DDG.

Why google transfer the duck .com to DuckDuckgo ownership to duckduckgo

In recent years Google has faced a lot of criticism regarding security and privacy. Google CEO  will be  facing Congress this year, it could be embrassing for him when they raise question regarding redirecting duck to its domain where duck is first letter of its  search engine rival.

Its a smart move by google as at this time where tech companies are facing privacy and anti-competition charges. Transferring of domain was not not only important for DDG but for the google too.

Also this year european commission has accused the google’s android OS  for not following  its competition rules, leading to further regional tweaks — in that case to licensing terms.

Well google transfer the duck .com ownership to DuckDuckGo quietly without any substance of questions. but the question arises will google be able to answer to the question regarding its privacy policy and its anti-competitive behaviour.

write your comment on whether the google should have transfer the duck .com ownership to DuckDuckGo or not. And also write your response down below on your whether its a good move by google or not.

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