Dubai has got everything from supercars to tall rising building. soon you all will be seeing dubai police flying motorbikes hoverbike in the near future.

The hoverbike was designed by the startup company Hoversurf  which first showcased at tech expo GITEX colored in the Dubai Police format. the company has now launched a new model which is electric.

Dubai police could be using it to access place which are hard to reach. And they already began training for the officers for the task. They are aiming to make it in action by 2020.

It can also fly without a passenger for 25 minutes and can carry up to 3000 grams of weight at a speed of 60mph .

It looks like a drone  and a motorbike and is controlled by four rotors. These hoverbikes are also fitted with safety system.

They have even released of Video showing pilot learning to ride the hoverbike .

Quick Feature

Weight: 253 lbs
Total thrust: 802 lbsMax speed: 60 mph
Safe flying altitude: 16 ftit can fly for 40 minutes
Charge time: 2.5 hoursPrice: $140,000

In an interview to CNN Dubai police said that only those who had experience of drone operating will be allowed to ride it. they have started training crews and those candidates will be able to ride a motorcycle.

Would it be safe to use in the public

Although it look great but i thought would it be safe to use. I mean in most countries, it’s is illegal to fly even the light weight consumer camera drones over the crowd.

 If it lost its balance and drop out of the sky and fall on somebody could cause a huge problem. It has a fast spinning blades is already a huge liability if it lands on somebody’s head from any kind of height.

Its has a inbuilt safety system that could help if the pilot lose control on the gadget but has a little limited feature to be use as a police work. It is hard to believe that they would be using it as the technology is in its early phase.

It looks more like publicity stunt to gain the people’s attention as its a tourist destination.

Even you could buy the hoverbike if you have enough spare money. it would only cost you around few hundred thousand dollar.

What’s your thought on using hoverbike for public use ? and your thought on  whether it would be safe to use it.

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