Reliable web hosting is important to any website. They are the basis of your website, your brand and your business. Any server downtime could hurt and ruin everything you’ve developed over the years. If you’re dedicated to your site or blog, you have to ensure that they’re in good hands.

During our research, we stumbled on many WordPress hosting companies and came across the fact that the prices of these shared or managed WordPress hosting are higher than the average web hosting.

It is a challenge to select from web hosting companies nowadays especially when we are constantly flooded by tempting promotions web hosting companies are throwing at us. If you are searching to acquire a web hosting account, this is an article we figured you could check before getting frenzied by tempting promotions and marketing gimmicks.

Read Bandwidth & Disk Space Terms Before Buying Hosting

Bandwidth and disk space are terms often pushed aside by people buying shared web hosting. It is best to think about, “What if my website becomes popular overnight, and draws in thousands or thousands of visitors? Will I pay the heavy charge for the large data transfer?”

Without a doubt, most websites won’t go past their bandwidth quota by high traffic alone, however, if you hand out files for downloads in the website, it could potentially happen.

C Panel/ Custom C Panel: Web Hosting Control Panel

Nowadays, all hosting companies offer standard methods to manage your hosting like cPanel, Plesk, WHM and you may consider it as your hosting account dashboard. cPanel is rapidly adopted among shared hosting however Plesk is also good in terms of managed VPS hosting.

For re seller hosting, WHM is the ideal solution. So based on your requirement along with your earlier interaction for any of such hosting panel, select one which suits your need. Not a big deciding factor on your web hosting shopping, but it’s comforting in the longer run.

Also, preserve note when your hosting company is asking for an added price for cPanel or Plesk since most the web hosting companies offer this feature for free.

Previously discussed were some important areas of consideration which you must consider no matter what before purchasing website hosting. It is recommended to manage anything from the very beginning rather banging the head against the wall in the end.

Don’t Buy Trademarked Domains

In case your purpose in getting a trademarked term being a domain name is to make an effort to confuse people – you’re opening yourself up to having a complaint filed against you and having to give up the domain name.

No matter if you’re not aiming to create confusion, you’re more likely to face some legal challenges by buying trademarked terms in the website name. To be safe, you can look for U.S. trademarks at and ensure no person owns a trademark on the name you are considering.

Don’t Buy a Domain Name That’s Too Similar to an Existing Site

Even when the term isn’t trademarked, don’t buy domains that are a variation of another domain name. This implies avoiding plurals when the singular is taken ( / / ).

Alternately, you could consider buying these variations yourself and set them up so that if someone else types perhaps one of the variations, they’re redirected to your main site. This means you are trying to redirect that similar site’s traffic to your website, which is considered as a wrong strategy.

Look at AL Website Builders: the Future or Just a Gimmick

Nowadays, web hosts give you tools you need to build a great website, whether you’re a coding guru or perhaps a total beginner. Modern website builders – for instance, Boldgrid – offer templates with a drag-and-drop function, to let you create a slick-looking professional website while avoiding the need to hire a web designer.

Take into account though that a lot of popular website builders such as WIX or Weebly, are valuable} in nature. They aren’t strictly speaking, web hosting entities in the traditional sense. You’ll be limited in what you can do and also that a shortage of flexibility might be damaging if you would like a more sparkle.

Security is a necessity, it’s not optional. Select a secure WordPress hosting service that simply not only offer you a hosting plan however it provides you with most of the WordPress security features you need for your chosen  site like Live Firewall, Load Balancer, Daily Backups, 24/7 Support All Inclusive

In most cases, the most popular web hosting services can be accessed by a standard web browser. This interface lets you update your content, track visitor activity, and otherwise manage your website. This configuration is phenomenal for simple websites typical of small businesses.

If you feel the need to implement special scripts, insert specific code, add advertising tracking widgets, etc., you’ll want to research how accommodating a web service is to those advanced requirements. If access to those features requires the services of your providers’ internal technicians, it could raise the overall hassle and cost considerably.

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      @celyn what if i buy trademark domain name will that owner has the right to take my domain but i have seen facebook buy domain in thousands of dollars even when it is there trademark

      • Profile picture of Celyn

        Thanks for your question. See, its a concern of mutual understanding. If party A is using party B’s trademarked domain after paying them the desired amount…

        In case if someone buys a domain which is already trademarked with some suffix, it will not go to work the same way. Because the brand has built an identity which can not be influenced by adding some prefix or suffix.

        In short, it a matter of compliance, legal procedure & of course of no benefit. If Facebook has bought that trademarked domain, its a compliance of mutual understanding.

        Thanks for your valuable feedback! Stay tuned for more updates !!