Scope of work is nothing but a contract that describes the role and responsibilities provided by a service provider. In the case web development agreement, you can find a separate annexure where web deployment agency describes its features, role and responsibilities and services. As a client, you cannot expect lots of free services from a web development agency because the company needs to work hard on your online business and it is liable to some amounts for their different services. You can ask for some freebies to your web developer, provided you have a good relationship with the developer. In this case, you can trust Axis Web Art because they always believe in transparency and you can find all the minute details in their web development agreement.

  • You may require some software to run a website and you need to discuss such technical things with your web developer. Then they will include these software and technical details in their ‘scope of work’ section of the agreement.
  • A professional Web developer must describe the features and functionalities of your website in their agreement. You can find their services in the score of the work page of the web development agreement. In future, you can claim a service that is described in your agreement, if it is not provided by the web development agency.
  • You should not miss any clause of your web development agreement because there are some hidden parts where you can find some technical terms. If you have any doubt about such technical parts, then you can ask for the clarification to your web developer.
  • Apart from that, you can find other details like delivery dates, software update schedules, designing technology (web developer can use templates or customize your website with codes), payment terms, breakup of the cost and project details in the ‘scope of work’ section. So read carefully and you can add new features as per your requirements after discussing the same with the web development agency.
  • It is better to add separate annexure for payment details in the web development agreement because you can easily locate the products and their prices from this annexure. So ask your web development agency about their payment structure and tell them to add a separate sheet with payment details in your web development agreement.

As a web development agency, you must maintain the clarity of your agreement and you should describe the terms and conditions of the web development agreement in a simple language. In this regard, Axis Web Art play a vital role because they always maintain the highest level of transparency in their agreement, and you can check their previous works, clientele, and web development agreement before you sign the contract. 

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