Do you like Dark mode for your dark screen or a dark web lover. if yes then why not it is a trend right now and for good reason. It look  pretty and are nice for the eyes.

Their are many site on the internet which support dark background site like reddit, gmail and even twitter. but not every site on the internet comes with dark mode option. dark look easy on eyes and especially when you are reading or watching YouTube videos during the night.

Some people love dark mode because of they are not too fond of a bright screen. it also give app a elegant new look. sometimes it matches with your gadgets appearance. It is a tool for Dark mode for dark screen web lover.

Even Gmail has been offering dark themes for their UI for quite some time. If you want to turn your web surfing into dark mode then Dark Reader is a must to try. even android has Nougat (Android 7.0) has an inbuilt night mode.

Dark reader

Dark Reader is web browser extension tool which turn your web browsing  into dark. I was super excited to try and take a look at it and guess what i enjoyed it.

Dark reader turns everything into dark even site like Wikipedia. what i love about it was that dark mode feel easy to eyes and it was a pleasant experience.

And, you can easily toggle between default and dark mode with the help of the Dark Reader toolbar icon. You can tweak settings to suit your preferences:

Dark mode for dark screen web lover
wikipedia with dark mode enabled

As you turned on the dark mode your google search will turn dark. it was pretty exciting to see site like github , facebook in dark mode .

Dark Reader is a great tools which really changes the browsing experience and the option to toggle dark mode on and off with features to adjust the brightness was really compelling.

And, Dark Reader is free! Check it out.  also write your comment down below whether you like dark mode and your experience with it.

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