By the end of 2019, Canon had announced the development of a new Full Frame Mirrorless Camera which would challenge and leave behind the best in the high-end mirrorless segment. Canon Executives hinted as much within hours of officially announcing the EOS 1D X Mk3. Rumours then suggested a high-resolution sensor of around 75MP.

Now after scores of leaks, Canon has confirmed the existence of the High-End Canon EOS R5. Despite not confirming the sensor resolution, what little was announced left everyone tingling with excitement.

Now Canon does have some great mirrorless full-frame cameras, like the EOS R and the EOS RP, however, they do need a camera which can match the Nikon Z7 and the Z6, the Sony A7R 4, and the Lumix S1 and S1R.

The precedent set by the Canon EOS 1D X Mk3 is anything to go by, then the EOS R5 should be nothing short of a Giant Killer. Taking the rumours into consideration and the R5 is looking like what can be easily called as the most powerful Full Frame mirrorless camera to date.

Now let’s take a look at what confirmed specifications we have so far,

Canon EOS R5: The Design

The image released by Canon externally resembles the EOS R greatly. However, Canon Rumours stated that the multi-function touch bar has been removed and replaced by a scroll wheel at the back.

There is also supposed to be a larger, more powerful battery, but how it impacts the size is still to be seen.

Canon EOS R5: Sensor, Processor and other specs

Digic X Processor

Rumour suggests a new 45MP sensor. Taking into account the reported 8K video capture capability, the camera will require at least a 40MP sensor.

The EOS R5 should come with the new Digic X processor that debuted in the EOS 1D X MK3. Also, Canon has confirmed that the upcoming device will be capable of shooting stills at 12 FPS bursts using the mechanical shutter and 20 FPS using the silent shutter or in Live View.

Although Canon’s High-End Cine cameras have 8K recording, it’s the first time such a capability will be coming to a consumer device. Canon expects its consumers to use this capability to extract oversampled 4K video and very high resolution still images.

We still don’t have details of whether the camera will be able to capture 8K RAW footage or will there be a crop factor to take into consideration. We will actually have to wait till actual device release to get an idea of its true capabilities.

Canon EOS R5: IBIS

Another first for Canon will be the in-body image stabilization. Canon has always relied on in-lens stabilization before and avoided any form of IBIS. However, with the EOS R5, Canon has joined the IBIS bandwagon. Although details are still pending, however, Canon Rumours has reported that the R5’s IBIS would lend around 5 stops of stabilization which would increase to around 7-8 stops of stability when used with the in-lens stabilization.

Canon EOS R5: Pricing and Availability

Rumours indicate availability by July 2020 with no details about pricing. However, since the R5 is designed to take on the Nikon Z7 and the Sony A7R 4, pricing should be in the neighbourhood of $3500.

Canon EOS R5: Conclusion

If the rumours are true, then Canon has a Monster waiting to be released. The EOS R5 (if True to Rumours) will be a game-changing entry from Canon and is guaranteed to make things really exciting in the world of Cameras. With Canon’s reputation and market share, the R5 can make a huge dent in their competitor’s sales potential and make many non-Canon users to switch systems. It is going to be an exciting 2020.

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