You usually have two options if you’re looking to buy cheques in Canada. From your bank and online.

Before, you used to go to the bank to buy your cheques. But these days, when you ask for cheques from a bank teller, they will most often look at you with a puzzled look on their face. The reason for this is that banks don’t print cheques. They hire someone else to do that.

Order Checks From Your Bank

Buying cheques at the bank is not that bad. But ts not the only option you have. And it can be a bit of a process. You have to physically go to the bank and find someone that understands what you need. And then you will place the order and pay for the order upfront.

You also have tom wait for delivery for 2-3 weeks and hope they’re right. If they are not the way you expect them to be, you get to start back at the beginning. It can be a little difficult to ensure security or to get customized options throughout the process.

This may be the easiest option, as you don’t need to find out where your account and routing numbers are. It may also be safer because your bank already has information about your account. It’s just that, banks don’t print your checks in-house. They send the order to a check printer.

But if you don’t want to spend more time thinking about your cheques, ordering through bank may be the easiest. The tradeoff for the convenience is that you will more likely pay a higher price.

Checks from Online Printers

Are online printer cheques good enough? If they are to be universally accepted, they must be good enough.

According to the Check Payment Systems Association executive director, “All reputable check printing companies produce checks according to industry standards to ensure that checks will be accepted by banks and merchants alike.”

The organization suggests that cheque printers have security features intended to thwart counterfeiters. Some of them are microprinted letters and nearly invisible security screens.

Want cheques tailored to fit your printing code with a colour logo, special text or even a custom layout? Then the banks may not be the best option for you.

You need a company that has qualified staff experts to speak to you about the requirements for these choices. You don’t want to leave this to a bank teller with a low level of knowledge on cheques.

This is where it can be extremely helpful to buy online. Secure and safe online ordering offers more convenience than a bank. You can even upload a sample of your existing cheque with some online retailers like Cheque Print Solutions. So the amount of details required for you to complete your order is very minimal.

Digital ordering can be a more convenient way to order cheques. It is critical that you choose a platform that is known as industry leaders and has been offering online checks for several years.

Cheque Print allows you to order safely and securely on a protected website. Don’t worry if you are not 100 percent sure of all the terminology or types of cheques.

It is necessary to use a safe SSL page when ordering checks. This is to ensure that your information cannot be stolen.

Customer satisfaction is very important when ordering cheques. Same with experience and longevity. You want to deal with a company that has not only directly printed cheques for end users. Also, it’s best that they have printed cheques for a large credit union and a national online bank. It is good to deal with a company that guarantees your satisfaction 100%.

You want your data to be safe without anyone electronically storing your company or banking information. The best place to order online checks is a website that simply collects the information. And then prints your order with real people working on them. And eliminates all traces of your data without moving it anywhere.

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