Both Medium and Bucketbuff are blogging platforms and I see tough competition between them so this is an article to clear the dilemma.

If you don’t know what Bucketbuff is,

Bucketbuff is a community of bloggers where what you write is totally own by you, you can delete it, revert it to draft, update it, do whatever you want it’s all yours. Bucketbuff offers readers the option to recommend a story

And if you are reading this article, you most probably know what is Medium but still,

Medium is a place to write. One discussion that comes up often about Medium is whether it strives to be a platform or a publisher, i.e. a place for others to share what they think (like Twitter) or a place for Medium to share what it thinks (like BuzzFeed).

Essential features of a blogging platform are

  • Easy customization of design and layout (be it Theme based or HTML Editor based)
  • Easy to integrate new features via plugin or something else.
  • Easy social sharing options to let readers share the articles easily
  • A good rich text editor (WYSIWYG based) to formulate and edit articles
  • Easy to monetize. Standard size ad slots must be integrated within the platform.
  • Seamless and stable hosting with minimal downtime.
  • Able to handle surge traffic from Stumble Upon or Reddit.

Medium and Bucketbuff both are seriously amazing platforms to use and I seriously admit it.

I used both Medium and Bucketbuff for 2 weeks to review them.

The result was a bit confusing for me…

The reasons for each being best can be said by anyone but let me tell you the differences,

  • You need to pay to read blogs on Medium and on Bucketbuff it is absolutely free
  • You have a mobile app of Medium but Bucketbuff doesn’t have it.
  • You have the statistics available on Medium but not on Bucketbuff
  • More business opportunities on Medium but more connecting opportunities on Bucketbuff
  • Verified users have brilliant features on Bucketbuff

The rest of the things are absolutely the same on both platforms

What are your opinions? Which one is best? make sure to comment down below…

Read smarter not harder See fewer ads ,write your own stories, have people reading it,recommend the story and get rewarded..

    • Yeah that’s true. I am also the content Creator on both the platforms but I like using Bucketbuff because of the great user interface and most importantly all like minded people can easily connect to each other and share their thoughts and knowledge very easily by using Bucketbuff official chat and through social media too.

      Thanks for your wonderful review.

    • I would say the major difference between medium and bucketbuff is that the one offer a way for blogger to show cast their story with the larger audience while other allows you to get connected with other blogger.

      I would say bucketbuff is a hybrid of twitter and medium.

    • I think there is no comparison of medium with Bucketbuff as medium is well established company and also it is more about blogging while bucketbuff is not only about blogging but more of a social site because of the features like links sharing on the wall and other.

      One thing which I don’t like about medium is Medium Memberships, in which readers pay $60 a year for access to stories.

    • My opinion medium a blogging platform and bucketbuff a blogger’s social network.

    • There’s more difference between Medium and Bucketbuff is that Bucketbuff is a free platform to read, write, and connect with like minded people. On the other hand, Medium is a paid platform where you can write as many articles or blogs as you can but they charge when it comes to reading articles on Medium.