24 fashion tips every girl should know.

Fashion is an indispensable part of our lives. How we appear both in public and privately practically say everything about our personality. We learn and practice many of this fashion tips unconsciously. It is one of the great abilities that differentiate us from other animals.

However, it is good to take advice from professional stylist, to help you improve on your general appearance. Having all these tiny details from professionals can change the way you view fashion generally.

Here are some amazing fashion tips you should know.

1. Stay u when it comes to fashion.

Have the basic fashion tips on your sleeve. Some basic fashion tips includes cleaning wine stains, cleaning jewelry, tucking your jeans into the boots and some other tips you will see on this post. This will definitely save you money. Follow fashion blogs on social media to receive info on the latest fashion trend and also subscribe with our website too.

2. Strategically show off your best feature

Knowing your best body feature is bae, it will help you know where to show-off. It maybe your legs, boobs or face. Choose one of your body parts and show it off. It will help you look really sexy.

3. Try to know what is best according to your body type

This is the best advice anyone can give to you. What works for your friend might not work for you because both of you may not have the same body type.

You may have the Apple (triangle downwards), Banana straight (straight), Pearl (triangle) or the Hourglass body type. Everything works around your body type.

4. Always buy the needed

Never buy because it is cheap, buy because it is needed. It will help you avoid buying what you don’t need.

5. Know the best type of make-up that is best for you

Invest in quality product and always visit youtube to learn on the type of makeup you like.

6. Let the color wheel work for you

Understand how the colors can be matched, the color wheel will give you a new perspective on combining colors. Remember to avoid having more than three colors in your outfit a time.

7. One bright color at a time

In your dressing, always remember to wear a bright color at a time and let it pop up.

8.Sort your wardrobe periodically

Sorting your wardrobe will help you know what to dispose and the one to replace. When doing this, always ask yourself this question.”If am shopping right now, will I buy this?” If not, then dispose it.

Also remember to arrange your wardrobe, from bright color to dark color. It will help you select the best combination.

9. Wearing leggings with long top is cool.

Nothing much to say here, we do that unconsciously most of the time. It is just not negotiable.

10. Buy both big and slim belts

You may need a big belt for a particular outfit and a slimmer one for another outfit. So is good to keep both handy.

11. Wearing white

If you are wearing white garment, it is good but remember to select the proper inner wear. Make sure to wear the perfect bra and seamless panties. Also make sure you check yourself out in bright setting to be safe. White can be transparent in day light.

12. Before buying remember care

Before buying remember to consider the durability of the product. If the color will fade after one or two uses, don’t buy it.

13. Power of scarves

Know how to bring out the beauty of your outfit using the perfect scarf. Some of these scarves are perfect for all fashion.

14. Using accessories

This is an indispensable part of your outfit. It brings out the beauty of your whole outfit. Know the perfect one for party, occasions, office, etc.

15. Always check the inside

A good way to judge the quality is the lining. Always ensure to check it out. A well crafted lining is a sign that the whole piece has been sewn with care.

16. Have a good tailor

Make friend with a good tailor that knows your shape and test, it will help you to have perfect outfits.

17. Keep records of compliments

Any time you receive a compliment on your outfit, take note of it by taking a photo of the outfit. This will save you from wearing nonsense when you are in a rush.

18. Use good pillow cases

You can keep your hair from breaking during the night and also make your skin look smoother by just using quality pillow case. Use pillow cases made from silk and satin. Avoid using rough cotton cases!

19. Soften your new leather jacket under the rain

When you buy a new real leather jacket, try to use it first under the rain. It will soften it, stretch it and make it perfect for your body.

20. Store your jewelries properly

Keep your jewelries in a condition that will save it from scratches and tarnishing. One of the best ways to do this is storing in a Ziploc bags.

21. Use ice to stretch your tight shoes

If you have a tight shoe, fill an ice bag with water then put it inside the pair, freeze it, the ice will expand as it freeze. It will expand and stretch your shoe gently.

22. Edit your wardrobe with a friend

Editing your wardrobe with someone you admire their style will help you get some insight and your general view of fashion.

23. Keep diamonds sparkling

You can keep your diamond accessories sparkling by using a liquid dish wash and old tooth brush to clean it.

24. Confidence

This is the best fashion tip for you. Be confident and always dress beautiful.

Fashion is not like science, there is no conventional method in fashion. So know what works for you and remember to help others with your own tips in the comment box. Please try to share this post.

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