About us

Welcome to bucketbuff , its a community of readers and writers here you will find ideas on the topic  startup,and news related to tech companies where not just writer but reader have also something to say . we are making a platform to give readers and writer a tools to connect and share some interesting news they have miss. let startup owner write their startup journey and can talk about their new startup . The community is not just for writer but for the readers too who want to connect with the people they admire. 

Our mission

Our mission is to bring readers and writer to connect and Share their ideas and grow knowledge while learning from other Writer.

 A platform to connect with the people you admire 

You can connect with the like minded people and share your ideas and vision. with the help of inbuilt features

  • follow the people 
  • make friend with like minded people
  • messages privately 
  • @-mention make easy to interact with the other author and reader.
  • engagement & comment 

We believe everyone is an expert at something

Connect with your audience

Just sit back hold your laptop in your hand and write ideas share with the Influencer and with your reader with the ability to follow your favorite, writers, and people, you’re in control of your reading experience. the platform where you will find best reader and writers. you can write what your readers want to read.

With the power of the networking, different ways to engage with stories, and the ability to get advice with fellow writer and people, you’re in control of your reading experience. So the stories that matter most to you are always at your fingertips.

It is relatively easy to give feedback and communicate with the people on bucketbuff

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