About us

Welcome to Bucketbuff , Its a very unique platform where you can write and curate stories. The platform is design in such a way that every stories get a great exposure. People can recommend good stories to their follower and friend so that they never miss the stories you loved . we are making a platform to give readers and writer a tools to connect and share interesting news they have miss. It’s a platform for people who love to share.

We believe

We believe people occasionally have valuable perspectives to share than there are people who want to be bloggers.

 A platform to connect with the people you admire 

You can connect with the like minded people and share your ideas and vision. with the help of Following inbuilt features

  • Follow the people
  • Give advice to friends with the inbuilt privacy system.
  • Make friend with like minded people
  • Messages privately
  • @-mention make easy to interact with the other author and reader.
  • Engagement & comment

We believe everyone is an expert at something

Connect with your audience

Just sit back hold your laptop in your hand and write or share interesting stuff with the people and with your reader. With the ability to follow people you will never miss any update of the people you follow.

With the power of the networking, different ways to engage with stories and the ability to get advice with fellow writer and people you’re in control of your reading experience.

It is relatively easy to give feedback and communicate with the people on bucketbuff

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