Photographs are a souvenir of loving and enjoyable moments that one cherishes and treasures a lifetime. An emotional quotient attached to photos makes it exclusive and takes us to a flashback tour of our frolicsome moments that once made us excited and happy.

“Smile and click” is the favorite activity that is loved by one an all. Whether you are in an event or at a wedding, clicking is the favorite pastime for attendees.

All decked up for an event? Do you want to get clicked? An event photo booth can help you to inculcate fun and excitement in your event and keep your attendees engaged happily with event photo booths. It helps your event to reach on social platforms and make a buzz on the internet. The presence of events on social media makes it reach millions around the world.

Old big black or green box photo booth is a matter of the past and it no longer attracts the attendees at the event. With the advancements in technology, event organizers started opting for virtual social event activations to reach millions of people without any geographical barrier.

Nowadays, event management and brand activation agencies are taking the love of being clicked to the next level by installing creative event photo booths that are equipped with fancy props, high tech cameras & gadgets.

Event Photo Booths

Love for selfies and getting clicked is well known. Smartphones are your fuel to get you clicked amidst events. It’s time to give some rest to smartphone clicks.

In today’s modern era, Event Photo booths are a crucial part of social event activations that engage audiences interactively throughout the event. Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, conference or a seminar, digitalized photo booths have made their way to take the event to the next level and become the talk of the town.

Event photo booths add a sense of fun to the entire event thereby making the event more exciting and engaging. It not only helps in pleasing the attendees by getting clicked but keeps them engaged interactively.

A large number of event activation companies offer event activation solutions for your event to stand out from the clutter of events happening each day. Hiring event activation agencies for your next event that offers event photo booths for sale is of great value. It not only helps in leveraging your event but helps in creating memorable experiences to the audiences as well.

Technologically advanced interactive event photo booths that are used today take the event experience to another level by sharing it on social platforms. Photobooths play an important role in event activation solutions. Interactive Photo Booths at events are trending in the current era and is an integral part of experiential marketing.

Magic selfie mirror, Instagram hashtag printer, etc. are some of the most trending experiential marketing solutions and photo booths that will help any brand to leverage in 2020 by reaching millions across the globe. Top experiential marketing agencies offer these modern photo booth ideas which share the image on social media platforms instantly as soon as you get clicked with event hashtags and gives you a printout of an image instantly, which can be kept as a souvenir of an event.

What Do You Need, Professional or DIY?

Attractive, eye-catchy and appealing is the main agenda that appeals to today’s modern customer, whether you opt for DIY or professional setup.

The type of event you are hosting decides which photo booth to hire, out of ample options available in the market. Event activation agencies offer event photobooths starting from DIY to bulky professional photo booths in varied sizes.

Location, budget, event type are important aspects that influence the decision of opting for a photo booth that fits well in the scenario. Many event organizers opt for buying event photo booths for sale booths whereas others opt to rent it.

When professional and DIY photo booth setups are rolled on comparison wheels, professional event photo booths hike your budget but are easy to install at your event with less amount of time.

Whereas DIY set up cut downs the budget and is a cost-effective measure for your small event. It needs technical experts, proper research and much more time in installations as compared to professional set up.

We have shared a few ideas for event photo booths that are likely to give your event the exposure it deserves.

Let’s Dive In The Ocean Of Clicking Booths!!!

1. Personalized Photo Booth With An Event Theme

The fancy props and the glittery accessories that go well with the event theme, not only evoke fun in the event but add colors to the pictures as well.

Personalized event photo booths equipped with fancy props like masks, costumes, sunglasses, emoticon stickers, hashtags, logo and many more help in making your event exciting and memorable.

The props used in event photo booths should be relatable and can be shared on social media. It not only helps your event to gain exposure on social media but helps in entertaining the attendees at the event as well as they love getting clicked with different props.

The event pictures clicked from event photo booths that get shared on social media platforms act as brand plugs thereby making your event reach millions of active users.

2. Instagram Hashtag Printer

Instagram hashtag printer is one of the most trending and interactive event photo booths, that is a perfect fit for any event. Whether you are planning to hire a photo booth for a wedding, brand event or a corporate event, a hashtag printer serves all.

Attendees at the event can get clicked through an Instagram hashtag printer by simply striking a pose. It not only boosts engagement and allows attendees at the event to interact but make your event get shared on social media instantly.

“Strike, Upload and Share”

Instagram hashtag printer allows you to simply upload a photograph on Instagram with an event hashtag that makes your event go viral on social platforms thereby gaining visibility without any geographical constraints. Instant print outs of the photographs can be kept by attendees as event souvenirs.

3. Magic Selfie Mirror

When we talk about event activation solutions and the trending ideas for event photo booths, Magic selfie mirror photo booths can’t be left behind. As the name suggests, it is one of the trending photo booth ideas that make your event scintillate with striking poses.

Stand in front of a magic mirror and strike a capturing pose. Click on the touch screen mirror to get clicked. The photographs are instantly shared on social sites giving your event the exposure.

Place your event photo booth strategically at the event to prevent your efforts and set up from facing the pitfalls. The placement of the photo booth plays a major role in attracting more attendees and boosting engagements. Few tweaks to event photo booths give your event the much-desired exposure!!

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