Wouldn’t it be great if all you had to do to grow your dropshipping business was to post products for free and wait for the money to roll in? If only it were that simple.

It’s certainly true that marketing for free requires passion, ingenuity, creativity, and having a great product. From there, though, you have to find ways to build your brand that won’t break the bank.

In the following article, we give you a nice starter kit for driving free promotion for your dropshipping products. As you read through each one, think of how to specifically apply it to your product or service. Let’s begin!

1. Get Customers to Do It for You

The best free promotion you can get is from the people who use your dropship products. Give them a great experience, ask them to share with their friends or leave a review, and the rest takes care of itself.

To make reviews happen, you first have to round up customers. That’s not always easy to do. You might consider offering exclusive previews to a trusted group before rolling your product out to a bigger audience.

Approaching others through the guise of beta testing is also a good way to get some early product promotion working in your favor. The video game industry often uses this method of product promotion to great effect.

2. Use Contests or Giveaways Effectively

One of the most effective forms of advertising products, in general, is the contest or giveaway. On the surface, this might not seem like a free way to promote, but you have to think outside the box.

How to Host Giveaways Without Paying One Cent

Partnerships, sponsorships, and bartering with the right approach can connect you with some pretty great prizes that you won’t have to pay a dime for. Good places to start are with large companies (not competitors) in your community or industry.

Many companies love being attached to giveaways because they promote goodwill, are tax-deductible, and stand in as an easy way to boost their businesses through minimal effort. Before approaching a larger company to participate in a contest or giveaway, explain to them the cause and how it will specifically support their business interests.

3. Promote Your Paid Products Through Free Lead Magnets

A majority of marketers would agree that you absolutely need a free lead magnet to convince people to give up their email addresses. Informational products are terrific for this function.

Look for an Informational Product That Works

Think of a pain point the customer has. You can discover a lot of these by reading customer reviews, thinking about your own experiences with similar products, and checking out what your competition is doing.

From there, compose your own troubleshooting guide or free course that will deliver on the promise of giving your customers the tools they need to solve those pain points. Don’t let free equate with cheap here, though. Make sure your dropshipping product delivers on its promise and provides real value.

In doing so, you can always include references and advertisements for your paid products. Chances are good that if the lead magnet delivers, the money will follow.

4. Tags and Hashtags

Tagging others in your posts is a free way to get shares. That’s especially true if you have something positive to share. Find something someone else has done to improve your community or industry, call attention to it, and tag away! Hashtags are a little different but also easy to navigate.

How to Use Hashtags

Think about what’s trending in your space. Add something meaningful or humorous to the conversation, and insert 3-6 of those hashtags at the end.

That will ensure anyone looking to get in on those specific hashtags can come in contact with you and learn more about who you are and what you do. Influencers and other brands are experts at using hashtags with their online advertising, and you can use their expertise to grow your own following or advertise products without paying a dime.

5. Promote Through Great Content

There is some debate about how often you should post. That’s really the wrong conversation to be having. First, have content that’s worth sharing, and then worry about the frequency!

This quality-over-quantity approach will do two things. It will keep you thinking creatively enough to draw attention, audience, readership, etc. It will keep you organized enough to do it with regularity so no one forgets about you.

Solid, SEO-focused content really is an incredible way to sell products because it converts leads into dollars and establishes you as an expert in your field. You just need to learn the art of headline writing and then make sure the content delivers on the promise of the headline.

6. Create Stunning Infographics

In recent years, the infographic has come on strong as a way of driving mad traffic with a single image file. You can thank Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social networks for much of this trend.

How to Assemble an Infographic That Works

First thing’s first, the imagery is as important as the content. You want something colorful, appropriate, and creative to draw eyeballs. You must design with text in mind as well.

Learn basic graphic design principles. Decide on the size of the infographic, which might vary depending on how much written products content you plan to include.

Build your facts on reputable sources. Remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts and misinformation will kill the most perfectly designed graphic.

Draw from reputable news sites, journals, and research organizations. Diversify how you word your content (example: “nine in 10” or “90 percent”?). Finally, promote away!

7. Partner With Ancillary Companies

Think about other dropshipping products. Again, these are products that aren’t in direct competition with you. Preferably, you want partnerships that complement your own.

Reach out to the ancillary companies behind these products and find ways you can cross-promote each other on social media, company websites, and event marketing.

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