Content Marketing has become very essential if you are looking for more engagement in what you write. It can help you increase your brands reach, your conversion rate and create awareness among the minds of your readers.

Always remember, you have to work hard to promote your content as you do in creating it!

Here is a list of some easy steps you can use to promote your content:

  • Share on Social Media:

This is the most popular way to promote your content. Sharing your content on various social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter gives you a chance to reach hundreds of people. Also, it depends on the number of following you have. Yes, it is true increasing the number of following is a tiring process, but once you have done it, your efforts will only bring sweet fruits.

  • Comment Section is the Best to Share Your Content

Always Remember! It is important that every business maintains an online presence. Stay connected with communities and your target audience, it will help you expand your reach.

Get in touch with communities. Once you find the right communities you will get many opportunities to share your content with them.

  • Your Email Subscribers Get You the Real Traffic

Email is the best way to promote your content. Whether it’s something new being added to your brand or a new piece of content, merge it with your email marketing strategy. With many automation tools available nowadays, email marketing has become even more simple.

  • Your Readers are the First to Share Your Content

We say this because; if your audience likes your content it is very likely they may share it on their social media pages and other forums. So, it’s best to make it easy for them to share your content by inserting social media buttons in your content.

  • Start Guest Posting and Publications Online

Guest Posting is writing blog posts for your target industry or communities. Lookup for some blogs that are relevant to your industry, for example, health, education, marketing, etc. Guest posting is a great way to do content promotion. It gives you exposure to a new audience that you did not have access to before.

  • Submit Your Best Posts to Other Blogs

Guest posting isn’t the only way to get your content into the relevant industry. Content Syndication is also an option. There are many blogs out there who are in need of some good content even if it has already been published somewhere else; they are ready to re-share it.

  • Use Slide decks to appeal to a new audience

Do you know? SlideShare has the largest audience on the internet, and thousands visiting every day. The best thing about slide decks is that it allows you to break down your content into chunks supported by images and many other visual aids.

Unless your content reaches its targeted audience, it cannot gain exposure and conversion you want. Writing content is not enough, what is necessary, is its promotion. You can hire a digital marketing agency to do these tasks for you or you can try them out yourself.

Read smarter not harder See fewer ads ,write your own stories, have people reading it,recommend the story and get rewarded..