Search Engine Optimization is a free but effective tool to get you up the rankings if used efficiently. To rocket your Domain Score, you need an insight into your competitor’s practices and techniques.

Well, you can try and fail at certain practices or only execute those which are used by your competitor by using some extensions.

In this blog, I am discussing the 5 Chrome Extensions which will help you draw more audiences by giving insights from your competitor’s website.

I have thoroughly executed all of these extensions while I successfully drew traffic to my website- Awareshala. Awareshala is a platform for startup and entrepreneurship which deals with marketing, investing, books related information over there.

Since the business fell into the E-Commerce category there were a lot of SEO techniques that I executed with the use of the following tools.

1. Keywords Everywhere.

If you have tried doing SEO for your website and searched for the KWs Volume and Competition on different websites, then you might have wondered for an extension that could make it easier and save you a lot of clicks!

Enter Keywords Everywhere,

The extension uses the blank spaces on the search page and shows all the related KWs with Volume, Competition, and CPC.

So all you need to do is search for your target KW, and it’s done!

But the only problem is after October 2019 they have gone Pro only so you will have to pay to use the features after a short Free Version.

To keep things moving, you can still rely on Google KW Planner and UberSuggest.

2. MozBar.

May it be contacting guest bloggers or knowing about the best competitor. You need insights on your as well as other website’s domain scores.

One handy way to know the DS on the go is MozBar, which adds up on your chrome and offers elements like Page Authority, Spam Score, and Link Metrics.

3. Alexa Ranking.


How about a tool that shows Worldwide Traffic Ranking for your website?

As well as,

1. Keyword Analysis

2. Similar Websites

3. Site Speed

4. Wayback Tool (A Time Travel To The Old Website)

Only at one click?

The tool is Alexa and is one of the best free tools for beginners.

4. Check My Links.

Do you know what gets your traffic away with a bad impression that lasts?

A broken link!

Check all your links today with the extension, which scans through all the links on the page and gives you insights on broken links.

5. Ahrefs.

There is a lot you can do with Ahrefs and is the best-paid tool to buy right now.

Well, you can say it is the union of all the apps mentioned above put into one!

Right from Backlink Locater, KW (Volume, Competition, CPC), Competitors SEO Analysis, Links Checker, and the list goes on!

Ahrefs is a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs but expensive; you may use the other individual free tools to keep things moving.

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