Imagine yourself receiving hundreds of emails per day and you need to reply to each one of those. How fast will you be able to respond? It will take time to read and understand what the email messages are all about. Every minute counts and you need to stay productive with some other tasks. This is why automated email responses are produced to help situations like this.

Instead of writing out every responses to email, automated email responses are developed to prepare draft messages to be sent to any emails received depending on the settings. Most of the automated email software are capable of filtering and grouping exact same messages and reply to what is needed. However, business people who are saving money consumes the common and basic way of writing email responses, through drafting key notes. Most of the call center companies train their agents on how to be effective and productive even without tools being used. This is how they do it.


Most of the content in the emails received are relevant to each other and often are repeating. Taking notes of what emails and grouping them together will give you less time to decide what to do next. Like Gmail, you can group up your folders with designated names to receive the emails in a formal manner. For example, you wanted your messages coming from your family be separated from your friends, school emails, business emails as well as the promotional emails and social media emails including Facebook notifications, Instagram tagging, Twitter tweets and many more.


Upon taking notes of the emails received and grouping it up, read emails and comprehend what are the messages being relayed. At this time, you can be able to execute the next step of the basic process in replying faster to emails.


As part of the need to be productive, drafting each email replies should be done successfully. It is not just you have to reply to that email, but you need to write it effectively and meaningfully. All emails responses can be drafted as long as you have the will to write on each one of those. But, prioritize only the business emails.

If you are selling products and services, make that emails your priority. Many will only inquire and ask about the prices of the products being reviewed or the packages of the services. Many will only email because they want to express their good and bad feedback from your company. Many will only email because they want to ask for help and ask for estimation costs. Few will also ask about returning their products and asking for refunds. For these reasons, you really need to do something out of the box to reply faster on these emails to obtain respect and dignity and attain good relationship with your customers. Often, the situation happens on an E-commerce business.

Drafting your email replies should be done by:

– Read one email and comprehend carefully.

– Open documents such as Microsoft word, notepad or any.

– Make a meaningful subject line. A subject line is what your recipients will see first in their inbox. The subject line should be straight to the point and affirm the body of the email. Don’t need to be stylish that will just confuse your readers.

– Don’t forget to greet them by name. Since it is just a draft, you can leave it blank.

– For the email content, get to the point fast. Write it clear, short and simple. If there are key points that needed to be emphasized, use bullet.

– Don’t forget to thank them. Customers will always feel valued and appreciated when you are expressing gratitude.

– Save the draft for this will be used for any emails that has the same idea with this basic reply.

For example, you are emailed because they are expressing their positive feedback and review to the orders and products they bought from you. The draft is likely to be this:

Subject line:

Thank you for your great feedback!

Email body:

Dear Customer,

Thanks for emailing us with positive feedback and review. We are thrilled that you loved the products you’ve ordered. We put customer experience and satisfaction as our priority, and your review reaffirms the hard work we put in every day.

So thank you for the kind words and we look forward to every transaction with us.




Now you have drafts for every customer service emails, it is time to wait for more. Saving and copying all the drafts in replying to any email is not cheating. It is the basic strategy all people is doing. If you like to be fast while being productive, always find ways to achieve it.

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