The same questions i,e 18 inch or two 12 inch pizza which one you will buy? I asked many people like my friends, family member, some students. Almost 85% of them replied that instead of buying a single 18 inch pizza they will prefer to buy two 12 inch pizza. Some of them replied that they will buy 18 inch pizza by guessing that this must be tricky questions. Smart Enough

Pizza is very much famous among us. Approx 3 billion pizza consume by the people of the USA each year. That is around 100 acres of pizza a day in the USA. Similarly, Italian pizza became the fast-growing fast food in India too. The pizza market in India is worth over Rs 1500 crores and growing very fast.

18 inch pizza or Two 12 inch pizza- Bucketbuff

Actually, here we are talking about serious issues. One among is this. I found these questions in International Olympiad Questions of grade 9th. So decided to bring in front of you the reality. Just pause reading this article and think over it. What you will be going to choose or buy?

A study about this confirms that: If you buy pizza based on price per square inch, the larger will always be the greater deal for you.

As an engineering student, we can prove this mathematically too: let’s see how?

In lower grade, we all have studied basics geometry about circle areas and circumference. So teachers and some bright students have known the pizza size chaos very clearly. Its time for us now to know about this and spread it to the masses.

It needs to do with the numerical idea of the area of circles. When we increment the width of pizza it really adds to the aggregate size of your pie exponentially. For instance, a 16-inch huge may appear to be twice as large as an 8 inch little yet it’s, in reality, fourfold the amount of pizza.

Now let’s compare a single 18 inch pizza with two 12 inch pizza :

Also, let’s recall about the area of circle i,e π r2, Where r is radius ( half of the diameter )

Area of single 18 inch Pizza:

Here 18 inch is diameter so , radius= 9 inch

So, Area=π r2

=3.14 x 9 in x 9 in

=254.5 square inch

Area of two 12 inch Pizza:

Here radius= 6 inches,

So, Area=π r2

=2 x 3.14 x 6 in x 6 in

=226.2 square inch

You can check it. Area of single 18 inch pizza is more than two 12 inch pizza. A large pizza is most of the time a better deal than two mediums. I hope you got it.

But some will arise questions here that, should we do maths before buying a pizza? So the answer should be in Yes because “money saved is money earned”.

What about the crust of pizza? So crust ratio increases with an increase in size. So 18 inch pizza has more than 12 inch pizza.

Someone will say you should calculate the volume for this? So answer is that if we assume that most of the pizzas are flat and have uniform volume so it will not affect more.

And some smart people will ask that shouldn’t we weigh out both the pizzas. which weighs more contain more pizza? But sorry, you will not be going to get something there to weigh it. Or you can weigh it after buying is of no use.

Thanks for reading. Any doubt or suggestion, comment it below.

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