Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browser with great features. But you can always do more to improve its features with the help of browser extension. And the good thing is that there are thousand of browser extension for chrome. but also it’s the worst because of thousands of available extension makes it difficult to choose which is the best one and there is chances that you are missing some great extension out there. so here i am sharing 10 google chrome extensions for better  productivity.

These extension are some of the best which help you improve your chrome experience. Chrome extensions can do a lot of thing from improving your social media content reach to saving your hard earn money .


Help you apply coupon while you shop on the internet .

Honey is one of the best chrome extensions which will help you save money online. This chrome extension make the online shopping more convenient and cheap. It save a lot of time searching coupon codes just click on the honey button while you check out and honey will automatically apply the coupon for you if available. .Honey automatically add the coupon code for over 100 online store in a fast and simple way.

The internet has made shopping more convenient in a lot of ways, but it can still be difficult to know if you’re getting the best price on something or not. Honey does the work for you and is a helpful tool for saving money.

2. RiteTag

Help manage your hastag for better engagment.

RiteTag  is the best chrome extension for better productivity of your post content on social media platform. It help you show how well your hastags are going to perform before your post content .Once you log in to RiteTag using your Twitter or Facebook credentials, It  color code the hashtag you use in real time and every color code has some meaning.

  • If the  hashtag you typed turns green, then it means your post content could be seen quickly .
  • If the hashtag you typed turrns blue, then it means that your content could be seen by other in some time.
  • If the hashtag you typed turns  gray, then it means their is low probability of getting your content seen by other..
  • If the hashtag you typed turns red, then it means the hastag  you use is popular so  your content will disappear into the crowd, so it is better to change it.

3. MailTrack

Ever wonder getting the double tick like whatsapp  feature which help user see whether the messages send were read or not ,on gmail. The mail track has some of the unique and useful extension to enhance your gmail experience.  it let help you track the email you have sent have been read or not. And the good thing is that this premium feature is free of charge.


HoverZoom is really a handy Chrome extension for productivity as it makes it really easy to preview videos, images, and thumbnails on the web. You just need to  hover your cursor over any of the objects on the web, the extension will instantly show you a preview. So you can easily browse webpage galleries without even opening every single photo at a time, you can even watch video previews to decide if you want to watch them or not. The extension really save a lot of time if you frequently browse the internet for images and videos..


Send and receive messages and get call notifications in your browser

If you work a lot on your desktop and don’t want to get distracted by the smartphone?. Pushbullet could help you out by puts all your social chat services like WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook Messenger, and even SMS messages in your browser.

You can receive messages and calls directly on your desktop, and dismissing them from your desktop will clear them from your smartphone too.

Pushbullet basically turn your desktop into android smartphone. you can even send text messages and can share link too with this nifty extension. Only downside is that t work only with the android phones.

6.Save to Google Drive

Save screenshots to Google Drive instantly.

It  is really simple and useful extension it simply save the web pages on to your google drive. It is  good at what it does. It puts a small  icon in the upper right corner of the browser that will send whatever you’re looking at to your Google Drive account for later viewing. There is a lot of option in the right-click menu for greater specificity.

It works best for taking screenshots of web pages and for saving images and videos on to your google drive.


Help you provide better reading experience on wikipedia

Wikipedia is the most popular and useful site on the internet and also the chances are at one point of time in your life you have visited the site in search of getting knowledge on particular subject. probably one of the web’s most useful sites in general, but its web UI really sucks especially its font size. but wikiwand makes it really easy to digest wikipedia content by eliminating the annoyances so that you enjoy reading the content.

Wikiwand makes the font easier to read, adds hover effect to preview on links and images, and much more.


Help you manage your password .

LastPass, is one the best chrome extension for managing your passwords sber and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device. Only remember one password — your LastPass master password. Save all your usernames and passwords in it, and it will automatically  login to the sites when you want to , you don’t even need to type the password. it really help you secure your online privacy

9.The Great Suspender

Help you speed up your Chrome browser.

Chrome is fast but our temptation of keeping tons of tabs open makes the chrome to crawl. So great suspender gives a problem to that solution by automatically suspend the open tabs after a  particular amount of time. .The fast your browser is the better it makes you do the work and increase your productivity.

If you want to revisit the tab just click on refresh to bring it back alive. It also has a decent number of options so it will never suspend tabs you don’t want it to suspend.


Help correct grammatical mistake  for you.

Grammarly  is best  chrome extension for not just for writers but for anyone who has habit of making grammatical mistake while typing . It will make you a better writer . It automatically detect spelling and grammer mistake in real time so that you correct it on the go.  Grammarly could be use to edit content as it  will seek  out grammatical mistake and fix them for you.

Grammarly gives you thorough and detailed correction for your content to edit it  for making a better content.

There are a lot chrome extension which makes our life easier. write your comment down below which are your best google chrome extensions for productivity.

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